Christmas Eve Wishes


Last Sunday my church presented its Children’s Christmas Pageant. It is a truly wonderful event; it is spontaneous, not rehearsed. As the Christmas story is read children raise their hands and are selected to portray the characters from each part.  The children go to the back of the sanctuary to be dressed in costumes as the congregation sings a hymn.  They then proceed up the center aisle and assemble on the platform.  This proceeds until the story is finished and the platform is filled.

My daughter Tessa took this photograph of one of the angels and several of her sister Deanna who was a princess in the pageant.  For me they capture the essence of the event and the hope that is Christmas.

It has been a difficult year for many of us. I do not have to go into the challenges that face us personally and as a community both locally and globally.

But it is Christmas Eve, a day and night when children believe that wishes can come true.

Perhaps for a day or two we can believe that too. Maybe we can put aside our differences and for just a little while view the good that surrounds us. The friends and family that care for us, the people around us who strive to make their little part of this earth a better place. Remember and thank those who volunteer their time to others. Keep in our hearts men and women away from their loved ones across the world serving in our armed forces.

deanna21Let us be like children for a little while, children who do not label others, children who do not begrudge the circumstances that befall others. Simply like children who are happy to be with all the other children in this great big playground we have been blessed with.

This playground is for all of us. When someone is hurt and crying, let us comfort them. When someone is happy and joyous, let us laugh with them. When someone wants, let us give. And when others give to us, let us thank them.

To all I wish a Christmas full of hope and wonder!

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