A Navy Ship Named After Lake Worth?

While doing some research this evening I stumbled upon information at the website for The DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY-NAVAL HISTORICAL CENTER WASHINGTON- NAVY YARD. It appears that this ship was named for both Lake Worth Texas and Lake Worth Florida and commissioned during World War I. Information from the site and photos:


Towns in Florida and Texas are named Lake Worth and Lakeworth.

Lake Worth, a cargo ship, was launched 15 September 1917 as War Banner by Chicago Shipbuilding Co., Chicago, Ill., under USSB contract; delivered to USSB 16 December 1917; and acquired by the Navy and commissioned as Lake Worth at New York 26 February 1918, Lt. Comdr. Howe Monteith, USNRF, in command.

Assigned to NOTS, Lake Worth operated out of Norfolk, Va., between 2 March and 8 May, carrying coal to Boston and Bermuda. Loaded with general supplies and mines, she departed Norfolk 17 May for Europe. Steaming via Halifax, Nova Scotia, she arrived Oban, Scotland, 5 June. After sailing to Kyle and Clyde, Scotland, she departed Clyde for Norfolk 17 June and arrived 6 July. Between 29 July and 6 December she made two more cargo runs from Norfolk to Scottish ports.

Resuming collier service out of Norfolk, Lake Worth transported coal to Bermuda and the Azores on two runs between 12 January 1919 and 24 March; then she made two similar voyages to Portsmouth, N.H. Departing Norfolk 21 May, she sailed via Charleston, S.C., for the Caribbean and discharged cargo at ports in Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic, and Virgin Islands. Departing St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, 10 July, she reached Norfolk 16 July, decommissioned 2 August, and was returned to USSB the same day.

In the mid-twenties she was sold to U. D. Hendrickson and operated out of Key West, Fla. She was subsequently named Phoenicier and Amberstone.


USS Lake Worth (ID # 2997), 1918-1919
Previously S.S. War Banner (American Freighter, 1917) and S.S. Lake Worth. Later renamed Phoenicier, Amberstone and Ørland

S.S. War Banner, a 2118 gross ton freighter, was built at Chicago, Illinois, in 1917. Originally ordered as part of the British World War I shipbuilding program, she was taken over by the U.S. Government before completion, and, following delivery, was renamed Lake Worth. The U.S. Navy acquired her in February 1918, placing her in commission at that time as USS Lake Worth (ID # 2997). As part of the Naval Overseas Transportation Service, she was initially employed carrying coal from Norfolk, Virginia, to Boston, Massachusetts, and to Bermuda. Between May and December 1918 Lake Worth made three round-trip voyages between the U.S. and Scotland. In addition to general cargo, she carried mines for use in the North Sea Mine barrage. In 1919 she carried coal and other cargo from the U.S. to the Azores and to ports in the Caribbean area. USS Lake Worth was decommissioned early in August 1919 and returned to the U.S. Shipping Board.

Lake Worth had long subsequent commercial service. Renamed Phoenicier in 1922 and later Amberstone and Ørland, she was sunk at Midsund, Norway, on 29 April 1940.

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