The CRA last night, the rest of the story!

Two local blogs today give the impression that the CRA is simply granting money to applicants for pavers, sod, fences etc.  Both of them posted about 501 South B street, the applicant who was requesting the pavers, landscaping, fence etc. Yet they failed to inform their readers in that the CRA Board members pulled the application for 501 and actively discussed the merits of the items that they point out in their posts. The CRA Board did not grant the funds for those items and in fact tabled the grant until the Board Members could walk through the property to review the validity of all of the requests by the home owner. If you attended the meeting you would know that the Board found fault with requesting the fence, pavers, landscaping etc. and did not appear to favor granting those items at all.

As Paul Harvey would say, “now you know the rest of the story”.

Edit:  I was remiss in not pointing out the the bloggers did indeed do the City a great service in bringing the current conditions of 501 South B street to the attention of the board. Hopefully it will serve as a kick in the seat to the board and get them out in the field to actually investigate the claims.  The fact that they are simply placed on the consent agenda needs to be changed so that investigation and discussion is the norm, not the exception. Tom

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