The Sodfather. . .

A little while back there was some movement towards making Bryant Park a passive park.  One of the issues that came up was that the turf was being destroyed by people playing soccer there. Well, it seems there is another, more insidious culprit, Lake Worth’s own Sodfather.


Today I took a ride down to the beach on my bike and stopped at Byrant Park. The turf is in very bad shape in the area just north of the band shell. And the damage is not from soccer cleats unless Goodyear Tire is making them now. There are tire marks and a large amount of bare dirt in the aftermath of the Reggae Festival.

Take a look:





Tom Rammicio’s Chamber of Commerce “Signature Events” are trashing our park. I believe that in many cities the event organizer is responsible for any damage to the venue. Why not here in Lake Worth. It’s time for Don Rammicio to start acting like he cares about our City. And oh yes, has he ever given an itemized accounting of the money he spends on events? I know that board members of the CRA have asked time and time again, yet I don’t think they have ever gotten a complete accounting.

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2 Comments on “The Sodfather. . .”

  1. Greg Rice Says:

    It is a mess no doubt! Yes the turf is in sad shape in BP. With the dry season in full swing and the water restrictions the Bahia Grass that’s left is luckier than Brad Pitt’s and Angelina Jolie’s adopted children to still be there.
    That grass type is drought tolerant which is why it’s widely used along roads, pastures and other non irrigated areas. It’s advantages are it recovers well from drought stress and does not require much fertilizer. One of the problems with it is unless it’s allowed to go to seed on its own by not mowing, it can’t regenerate. Therefore it should be re-seeded between March 1 and July 31 every year. I’ll bet we haven’t re-seeded that park in a while and with all the events scheduled throughout the year we should try and limit big events for 6 weeks after the seed is put out for it to have the opportunity to germinate. It’s not the soccer playing or the festivals; it’s just wore out and needs some attention like all living things. I’ll bet there are a lot of non-native seeds strewn around after last weekend’s festival but we don’t need to use that as ground cover in the park. GR

  2. tomspage Says:


    Thanks for the very informative post!


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