The Best Food Is Here. . .

fg1That’s what the sign says outside the Farmer Girl Restaurant at 1732 North Dixie Hwy.

Recently, I  read how the owner of the restaurant was filing chapter 11 in order to reorganize in these harsh economic times. Then Tuesday night I was at the CRA meeting where the owner, Nick Kassam applied for a very modest grant to help fix his parking lot, sign and other items that are in violation of code compliance.  Mr. Kassam‘s grant was approved, but only after every CRA board member and members of the public remarked about the restaurant’s history and contribution to the community.  The restaurant has been around for thirty years and each year they give out free Thanksgiving dinners.

fg6So last night a friend and I went to Farmer Girl for dinner. I will never pretend to be restaurant critic or food expert, but as my friends know I like to eat. I also like unpretentious places where the wait staff actually engages you in conversation and you feel right at home.  fg3Walking into Farmer Girl we knew we were going to like the place. Okay, the interior is dated but if something can be dated in a good way it is a restaurant like Farmer Girl. The wood paneling adorned with farm implements and the neon salad bar sign conjured up memories of eating at great diners when I used to travel for a living.

fg12Cathy, our waitress (yes I know that nowadays it is proper to call all genders waiters, but in this place  waitress just seems perfectly appropriate) showed us to booth 14. We were there at prime dining time here in south Florida.  The place really should fg10have been busier. We started chatting with Cathy and she was a treat. Cathy has worked there for 12 years and told us all about the place, who had worked there for how long, what business used to be like and what it is like now.  Cathy loves fg9working there and it shows.  She took time to recommend what was good that night and was attentive in the way only an experienced diner waitress can be.

We both ordered drinks and the fish and shrimp special. Cathy told us she would make sure our dinners would come out after we had a chance to enjoy the salad bar. I told you she was a pro. The salad bar is old school, no pretense, nothing fancy that you might not recognize, just the good basic stuff and lots of it.  With a plate of salad, a cup of Navy Bean soup and some good bread I made we made our way back to booth 14. While we where at the salad bar a plate of corn bread had also appeared on our table.

fg8After we had eaten our soup and salads our dinners arrived. The fish, shrimp, potatoes and broccoli were all excellent and it was a very large portion. Again, good basic food, complemented by the type of tarter sauce and cocktail sauce you expect to get in a good diner.

We spent a long time over our dinners and not just because they were large. We enjoyed the atmosphere and talking with the folks working there.  Farmer Girl is the type of place where you go with a bunch of old friends and spend a long time over your meal.

fg7Any diner devotee will tell you that you really should have pie for dessert. And while I had rice pudding for dessert, there are pies on display and I will rectify this mistake next time I visit.

There are a lot of great places to eat in Lake Worth and many of them are fancier than Farmer Girl. But as we were leaving we both agreed that it was the best money we had spent on eating out in a long time.  I hope that everyone who reads this will visit them the next time they eat out. You will have a great meal and help support a restaurant that has been a part of our community for over 30 years.


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One Comment on “The Best Food Is Here. . .”

  1. Sarah Says:

    I have to Agree, Everything said is the 100% Truth!!! Our Family (which consists of three young children) eat at Farmer Girl every Friday Night. It is now just a given that we will be there. Our 4 1/2 Year Old Daughter Even knows. This is the one place where you can get a true home cooked type meal for a great price, and everything tastes wonderful, trust me, between my husband and I and various family members that we bring with us, everything has been tried! Oh, and Cathy, Sweet Sweet Cathy, words cannot describe!! She has been taking care of us for the few years that we have been going. She is Wonderful and a True Asset to Farmer Girl. Mary Too!! These are the Two Lovely Women for Whose Company we are Graced with when we go on Friday Nights! Please, anyone and everyone that reads this, give Farmer Girl a Try. It is Definately worth every penny and minute that you spend.

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