Taco’s Last Stand?

rc4The other day a friend of mine who lives in Hypoluxo called to ask if I knew about the “roach coach” parked at the corner of Lake and Federal. My friend, who shares my enthusiasm for Lake Worth, was surprised that the City would allow a mobile kitchen to be parked there.


Looking at it today, I saw that a water hose runs from the coach to the gas station on the corner. I asked the woman inside the coach who was running it, she replied that the gas station was running the mobile kitchen.

I wonder if this establishment is legal and has the proper permits.  Heck,I like tacos and am all for free enterprise, but I don’t feel that this is the type of business we should be encouraging in our downtown district.

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2 Comments on “Taco’s Last Stand?”

  1. Lynn Says:

    I agree, Tom. We could go out and do an investigation of all the “crap” that goes on in our city on a daily basis that is overlooked, ignored or just plain condoned because people are “too busy” do be bothered. Let’s clean up the city and perhaps someone will want to live and invest here.

    • kalinka Says:

      I have to tell you I have lived all over the globe, Paris, Geneva, Chicago, New York, Vermont, and Connecticut. Lake Worth has its little problems just like every where else. If Lake Worth was not here I would not even consider living in this state. Its a great place to live AND invest. It’s totally unique in so many ways. I appreciate that people bring attention to some of the problems here but lets not throw the baby out with the bath water here, this is an amazing little town and I could not think of a better place in South Florida to buy…. (that said I will not be eating any tacos at the little yellow trailer any time soon)

      One who sees the glass as half full.

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