Pier Review

lolw18After being kept inside by the thunderstorms and rain for most of the day Deanna and I needed to get out of the house for a while. So when the rain tapered off in the afternoon I grabbed my camera and Deanna grabbed Barbie and we headed over to the pier.  I was out of town for the grand opening and hadn’t had a chance to check it out yet.

As we made our way to the entrance to the pier on the north side of Bennie’s Restaurant we wolphad to pass by the back doors to the kitchen and it smelled pretty bad as they were cleaning out garbage cans and washing floor mats with a hose. Both of us were wearing flip flops and traipsing through the water being dumped out of the garbage cans was not a pleasant experience.  It is a shame that you have to pass by the back doors to the kitchen to get to the pier and hope that Bennie’s will make an effort to keep the area clean and smelling better.

After running the garbage gauntlet we made our way to the little window to pay our $1.oo each for non-fishing admission to the pier.  Even on this gray and windy day it was the best two dollars I have spent in a long time. I wasn’t prepared for the wonderful views of our beach and cannot wait to take more photos from the pier under better conditions.


You get a very nice perspective of the Casino building.  Won’t it be great to have a restored or new building there as well as getting rid of the ugly seawall and continuing the natural dune-scape to the north?


One of the first things you notice as you walk out along the pier is that you are out with the surfers. I am really looking forward to spending more time taking pictures of them on a sunny day. lolw17

Even on this not so perfect afternoon there were quite a few people out enjoying the pier.  While I have spent most of my life working on and around boats for a living I have never been an avid fisherman. In fact I prefer to catch my fish with my Visa Card. But even I could tell two things; people were catching fish and the best fishing seemed to be at the end of the pier.

He’s got one on the line.


And here it is.


I have no idea what they are but this guy caught two of them.


The prime real estate out at the end of the pier.


I really liked seeing all the kids  fishing.



But the pier is more than just a place to fish, it is a great place for a family to go. The benches and shade structures invite you to sit, take in the view, watch the action and enjoy the breeze. Deanna and I weren’t the  the only people not fishing having fun being truly out on the water today.


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