Rainy Days and Sundays. . .

wknd10Deanna, Donna and I took advantage of a rainy day today to visit the new West Palm Beach Library again. I know I have written about it before, but today was the first time for my daughter to check it out.

While it was pretty slow in downtown West Palm Beach, the library was full of activity when we got there. We headed right up to the children’s department on the third floor and found a quiet corner with some beanbag chairs to settle into.

wknd6After selecting a few books we leaned back in our beanbags and started reading to each other, I had forgotten how delightful the illustrations in children’s books can be. We read about slaves escaping to freedom in the north, The Wizard of Oz, a dog who helped a man become mayor of a small town and a cat who lived wknd8in Venice. What a wonderful way to pass a rainy day.

I was really impressed with the way the children’s department is set up and the selection of books they have.  It is all designed with children in mind and it works! Throughout the entire section kids were really reading and using computers.

As we were leaving the children’s department to go up to the reference department on the fourth floor we spotted a little alcove we hadn’t noticed before. wknd5In it were more bean bag chairs and really cool round tables made out of chalkboard with a round bowl in the middle holding a selection of different colored chalks. We couldn’t pass them up and spent some time drawing pictures and writing our names.

After we got tired of the chalk we headed upstairs. After getting Deanna settled in to a comfy chair next to one of the big windows Donna and I went off in search of Florida history books. I mentioned in my first post about the library that there is a “Florida Room” on the fourth floor full of great books, but today we also found a large separate section of Florida history books that could be checked out. I spent some time looking through a book that had several references to early Lake Worth history and I’m looking forward to spending more time reading it.

Here are a few photos of Lake Worth I found:

The First Lake Worth trolley?


Lake Osborne.


What’s now the City Hall Annex.


After we were done upstairs we checked out our books and had some coffee and yoo-hoo at the little cafe in the library before heading home as the rain started falling once again.

It is hard to find things to do with my daughter that are fun for the adults as well and don’t cost a lot of money. Well for the price of gas and some drinks the three of us spent a great afternoon and everyone was happy.

What more could I ask for?

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