Small Craft Warning. . .

A while back several residents spoke at a City Commission meeting about the problems with boats anchored off of Bryant Park on the intracoastal. Today I took a bike ride down to the park to see if the situation had changed. It has changed, for the worse.

The original boats that had sunk are still there:

This crusier to the south.


As well as this smaller boat that is just awash at mid-tide and poses a significant hazard to any boats operating in the area.


The large constuction barge is still moored further out. Looking at it closely through my camera’s zoom I found that a sailboat that was moored close to the barge had also sunk.


This trio of sailboats appear to be well taken care of i.e. sail covers in place and no loose lines or debris on deck .


However a houseboat anchored close to the fishing dock is going to be the next boat to sink if something is not done right away.


The boat is in very bad condition. With holes in upper deck and ports and doors left open, the daily rains will soon drain the batteries as the bilge pumps try to empty the boat. Given the condition of the boat, I’d say the batteries are already dead and water is accumulating in the bilge. But the boat may very well break its mooring lines before that happens. There appear to be two anchors set, but both the cleats that attach them to the boat and the lines themselves are completely undersized. Also the mooringlines rub across the edge of the boat and will soon be chaffed to the point of failure as the boat swings back and forth in the gusty winds of our afternoon thunderstorms.


Having worked on and around boats just about my entire life, I will be surprised if the houseboat lasts for more than a few days without breaking loose and or sinking. Given its proximity to the fishing dock there is a good chance it could do serious damage to it as well. I’m going to make some phone calls Monday morning to see who might be able to help.

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One Comment on “Small Craft Warning. . .”

  1. Jim Says:

    That house boat has made the rounds. Last year after one of the tropical storms it grounded on the east bank of the lagoon about 1/2 mile north of Lake Worth beach. I have a photo. Send me an email if you would like a copy.

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