The Sun Goes Down, The Tide Goes Out, The People Gather ‘Round. . .

tgo1After dinner this evening I felt the need to unwind and clear my mind so I drove over to the beach (yes Lynn, I parked at the upper deck). While sky was still mostly overcast there were a few rays of sunlight poking through and the mood was very tranquil.

tgo11People were gathered in small groups enjoying the end of the day, picnicking, swimming and fishing.  The ocean was as calm as a mill pond with gentle waves sliding up the beach. I noticed a couple of young guys and their dog (yes Lynn, I know dogs aren’t allowed on the beach) with some skim boards, so I sat down on the sand to watch them for a little while.

They were having an absolute blast riding the boards over the flat sheets of water as each wave came ashore. The dog was chasing them back and forth and having as much fun as they were. By the time I was done watching them I think I was just as happy as the dog too.





tgo3After watching them I walked down the beach a bit and stopped to chat with two men and a boy fishing from the beach. When I asked the boy if he had caught anything the men started laughing and said, “He would if he was brave enough to put some bait on his hook”. The boy took the ribbing in stride and they were all still laughing as I walked further down the beach.

Just past the pier a few kids were making sand castles, laughing and calling to their parents to look at their creations.



When I arrived at the beach my attitude was about as gloomy as the grey skies, but as I turned around to head back to the car I realized that I was smiling and was in a much better mood. The sun had come out a bit and was shining on the beach, heck even the back of Bennie’s looked good in the last light of the day.


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