Upon Reflection I Have Chosen To Delete A Post.

Last Thursday I posted “Run for Your Lives” about the Comprehensive Plan. After hearing from somebody who was kind enough to share with me their knowledge of the facts I have decided to delete that post.  I should have put more time into understanding the background before posting.

I appreciate all those who take the time to let me know their thoughts about my posts.  Learning from my mistakes is not always easy, but it does make me want to try harder to express my views as evenhandedly as possible.


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2 Comments on “Upon Reflection I Have Chosen To Delete A Post.”

  1. Lynn Says:

    Well, it only proves to me that you respect SOME people’s opinions that differ from yours.

  2. tomspage Says:


    Actually I respect EVERYONE’S opinions even if they differ from mine.

    If the person can make a compelling case for their view, I might change my view as well.

    I think that the ability to change one’s point of view when presented with facts is necessary in order to maintain a positive outlook and viewpoint. It sure beats holding on to incorrect or outdated ideas.


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