PAC your lunch for the 4th of July. . .


For the past few years Laurence and Dee McNamara have hosted a picnic at Old Bridge Park, or so I thought. Today when looking at the announcement for the event I noticed some small print at the bottom.  It reads. “Paid political advertisement paid for by Save the Waterfront and Town of Lake Worth, 513 S. L St. Lake Worth, FL 33460”.  It turns out that Mr. McNamara is the chairman of said PAC.


Click on image to read small print.

The announcement encourages donations of time or money to help the event.  I question the fact that you are being asked to donate to a Political Action Committee to fund the picnic. I am also concerned that since Mr. McNamara is running for Mayor the picnic is also a campaign event, no  matter how he flips the burgers. Shouldn’t there also be a disclaimer to that effect?

 I’ll pass on the “free” hot dogs this year.

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3 Comments on “PAC your lunch for the 4th of July. . .”

  1. Wes Blackman Says:

    It’s funny you use an “Olde English” font style – I usually refer to it as “Ye Olde Bridge Park” The name was concocted by those wanting to sway the emotions of the populace.

  2. Rene' Varela Says:

    Very well said Tom. Brilliant depiction too! It says so much more than your text.

    • Katie Mcgiveron Says:

      Tom,you have totally missed the point on this event. This is NOT a political event. It is an event where people get together and donate their time and or money to do something nice for anyone who shows up. ANYONE, TOM ! My family and I have been at the event three times in the past, working on the serving line, helping with games, and cooking .Unfortunately ,we will be gone on the 4th and won’t be able to attend.Homeless people, tourists, kids riding by on their bikes (can you imagine the look on the faces of a group of teenage boys when you tell them the food is FREE )?????,anyone, any age can get some free food . Some people insist on giving a donation.No one asks for it. Last year we served almost 400 people. We would have served more,but we got rained out !Tom, please help out with this event if you can. At the very least,just come by and get some free food,and enjoy the view ! I don’t really like hot dogs,but I swear ,the one I had there was great !This is one event where we can all just put aside our differences , have a good time ,and give to the community. Katie Mcgiveron

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