Father’s Day

Tom_C_McGowThis is a photo of my father. I think it was taken not too long after he emigrated with his father from Scotland to the United States. My father was a remarkable man and even though he passed away many years ago, I think about him almost every day.

Of course I thought about him today.  

I have been blessed with two wonderful daughters in my life.  My older daughter Tessa lives in Portland Maine these days and I don’t see her as often as I might like. She visited South Florida last week and we were able to spend some time together. I see a lot of my father in Tessa, she is an amazing young woman.

Tessa and Tom


Deanna, my younger daughter came into my life ten years ago when her mother and I adopted her, nothing has been the same since.  She lives with me half of the time and has come to love Lake Worth as much as I do. The puppet show on Friday night, Mother Earth Coffee, or simply sitting on a bench downtown are just about her favorite things in the world.



The more I thought about my father and my daughters this afternoon I wasn’t sure which of them have taught me more.  I don’t think it really matters, I just matters that I am lucky enough to have had such a wonderful Dad and to be a Dad to two fantastic daughters.

Happy Fathers Day.


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