Hark, It’s in the Herald. . .

I just got done reading Wes Blackman’s article, “Tyranny – Alive in Lake Worth” in the Herald.

GMLlAs a side note, the Herald might want to consider hiring a proof reader as there are a few typos!

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3 Comments on “Hark, It’s in the Herald. . .”

  1. Lynn Says:

    I read the article. I do not see, however, where the CRA has done anything about eliminating slum and blight. This has always been the problem. They are good at wasting money on ill written grant programs however. The Mayor is the one who stopped the interviews because he said he needed more time for each applicant. The City Commission has never asked that the CRA Commission adhere to its wishes. They do expect, however, that this appointed Board be courteous and show some sort of civil decorum. They have failed miserably at times in that regard and have shown outright contempt. It is not “blind allegiance” they (the city commissioners) are seeking…just respect and a little common decency. The City Commission is an elected body; the CRA is not. The CRA is there at the will of our elected body.

    • tomspage Says:


      While I may not agree with all of Wes’s points, I do have respect for those who participate by serving on boards, those who apply for boards as well as those who run for elected office and those who actually hold office. My respect for them is greater than I have for those who simply harangue from the sidelines and never make the effort to change the system from within.

  2. Lynn Says:

    Tom, we who are not on Boards such as yourself, try and change the system when it is necessary by working behind the scenes and being active in our communities and in political action committees. There is probably no one in this City who attends more meetings than do I other than Laurence McNamara. To be really informed and knowledgeable takes a big effort, not sitting on the sidelines of silence. Elected office and political Boards are good for some. The majority, such as myself, try and effect change at the polls or in other ways.

    I also appreciate citizens serving on Boards and running for elected office for all the right reasons and that is not always the case.

    Everyone needs to know their limitations and understand what they might be good at and proceed with vigor. Writing a blog is the way for me.

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