No Longer Publix Enemy #1

This weekend Donna and I explored Fort Myers. It’s a great small city with some similarities to Lake Worth; a downtown that appears to be bouncing back with great restaurants and shops as well as some wonderful historic neighborhoods.  We had heard that a Publix had been built near downtown and was designed to be “neighborhood friendly”.  We sought it out and took a look around both the store and the area. The most visible element to peaceful coexistence with the mixed use neighborhood was the fully enclosed receiving area.


All deliveries are made inside this deep covered area, greatly reducing noise.  The trash compactor and refuse containers are also located here eliminating having to look at the garbage, used pallets and other items usually associated with the “backside” of a super market.

This Publix doesn’t have a backside, all four sides are well landscaped and pedestrian friendly with the main entrance and parking located off the main street.


Landscaping, decorative fencing, lighting  and sidewalks have been installed on the street facing several historic homes and blend well with the area.


It all works and does not overpower the small cottage type homes right across the street.

p4If I have one quibble with the layout it would be that the “front” of the store facing the main street has no entrance or windows. Perhaps this is intended to keep the traffic moving, however it remains faceless on the main thoroughfare.


p2While we were there we saw as as many people walking and biking to the store as we saw cars driving up.  Many bike racks, benches and a few small stores and restaurants along the sides of the building make it a great place to get your groceries and have a bite to eat, without having to get in your car.

Perhaps some people worry about having a supermarket near our downtown.  However, the addition of a store like this will only attract more people to invest in our neighborhoods, and be a good neighbor at the same time.

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