New Digs for the CRA?

During the CRA workshop last Tuesday there was discussion about the rent paid for the current CRA office space. Some good ideas came up about the future of the CRA ‘s office. Several members of the board suggested forgoing renting a space and instead buying  and renovating a structure in one of the more blighted neighborhoods of the CRA district.

I think this is a terrific idea. The CRA and the city could “put its money where its mouth is” in the area just west of city hall. With the prospect of the Palm Beach Cultural Council occupying 1000 Lake Ave., it would be natural to target that area. The CRA’s offices could prove to be a good investment as well as providing additional impetus for others to invest there.

In an earlier post I pointed out these three properties as contributing to blight there and they should be considered:

1306 Lucerne


1220 Lake Ave.


1213 Lake Ave.

wtlw71Rehabilitating any one of these properties would be a worthwhile project, and perhaps the CRA could take a cue from the Cultural Council and incorporate some public space into the building as well.

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