And the Ugly. . .

On the same walk through the west side of downtown today I noticed that the garbage and disrepair just seems to be getting worse.  The sidewalks are filthy, there are people passed out on private property and innumerable  code violations.

It is worth noting that Brendan Lynch brought forth the idea of moving the CRA’s office to the west side of downtown in an effort to “put feet on the street” as it were. Yes, Brendan’s comment about locusts was ill conceived and had a lot to do with his not being reappointed.  However Vice Mayor Golden’s, Manny needs to get used to living in a ghetto comment was equally bad, and when walking through the west side of downtown today I had the feeling that the people there were indeed used to living in a ghetto.

At the Commissioner’s  interviews for the new CRA board Michael Hyde recounted his experience in helping turn around parts of Grand Rapids, MI. When he was through Commissioner Jennings asked of him with disdain in her voice, “Could any of what you did be considered gentrification”?  After a long pause Mr. Hyde answered “No”.  It appears that Commissioner Jennings fears that gentrification would displace low income renters. Well, that may be true, but in order for Lake Worth to get out of this quagmire having owner occupied single family homes is key.  To achieve that we first must have a cleaned up commercial district.

I see nothing progressive with the current state of affairs.

One idea to to quickly jump start the clean up of west downtown is to require each worker at the Mentoring Center to earn their free meals and TV time by picking up one large bag of garbage each day. They can start at the shuffleboard court and fan out from there. It will build respect and value for their neighborhood.

Unsecured burned out house on Lake Ave..


Are these trees going to be replaced as code calls for?


This house is for sale on Lake Ave..




Passed Out.


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