Too Tall For The Playground. . .

You know those signs they put on rides and  playgrounds that tell if you are too tall or short to use them?   Well, it might be a good idea if we put a few of them up at the gateways to Lake Worth.

StopDon’t get me wrong, I moved to Lake Worth for its small town charm and cottage style neighborhoods.  But there are too many issues with the changes Commissioner Jennings wants to make to the Comprehensive Plan to just plow ahead.  Simply put, it’s painting with way too broad a brush.

Despite e-mail blasts from Commissioners Jennings and Mulvehill promoting the changes, the majority of the public comments were not in favor of them.

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2 Comments on “Too Tall For The Playground. . .”

  1. pietro Says:

    ” … the majority of the public comments were not in favor of them.”

    I counted 29 people who went to the podium to comment publicly. Of those 29 I noted 15 for and 14 against the proposed amended height restrictions. That would seem to indicate that the majority of public comments were in favor of them.

    What was your count, Tom?

  2. tomspage Says:

    Good point pietro! I did not count them like you did! I will have to review the audio when it comes on line.

    Did you count the comments made by Peter Tsolkas and several other friends of Cara’s? It seems that they could not stay to come up to the podium.

    Oh yes, isn’t G-mail cool?

    By the way.

    The boy’s name Pietro \pi(et)-ro\ is a variant of Pedro (Spanish, Portuguese) and Peter (Greek), and the meaning of Pietro is “rock”.

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