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In this morning’s Palm Beach Post’s Letters to the Editors, former CRA board member and local business owner Shanon Materio writes about the positive impact the Sheriff’s Office has made since coming to Lake Worth:

Sheriff has helped to make Lake Worth safer

Palm Beach Post Letters to the Editor

Friday, September 18, 2009

“Lake Worth applauds sheriff as crime drops” (Sept. 6). We, too, applaud the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office and thank The Post for this positive article.

My husband and I moved our business to Lake Worth in 1993 knowing that it had a less-than-stellar reputation on several fronts, including crime. The commercial real estate was affordable, and access was easy from Interstate 95 for our often-traveling clients to our custom art glass business. After being targeted by crime, we decided to participate with the neighborhood crime walks and become active in the community.

But nothing has made a more obvious impact on the city as the force of reliable men and women with Capt. Rolando Silva and the sheriff’s office. Capt. Silva is attentive to the business community and the neighborhoods. They understand and respect the diversity of people and value the small business district. There are a few things inherently needed to maintain a healthy business and home life, and safety has to be the No. 1 priority.

The mayor and city commission made a brave decision to merge with the sheriff. Commissioner Cara Jennings, who voted against the merger for one “primary concern: cost,” may not understand that this change helps to attract new businesses and homeowners. A fresh tax base after years of remaining the same or going backward adds to the coffers. Commissioner Jennings has a conflict between her political beliefs and the reality of what citizens need.

We need a vibrant, self-sustaining community. Thankfully, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office is doing its part to give Lake Worth a renewed sense of order.


West Palm Beach

Click here to read the original article Ms. Materio refers to.


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