The Dark Side of Lake Worth. . .

no16No, I’m not talking about nonagenarians (believe it or not that’s what you call people in their nineties) pulling guns on drunken intruders or the crime and blight in Lake Worth.  I’m talking about simply getting out and walking around our downtown after dark.

Last night I did just that, I walked around downtown, stopped at a bunch of places and took a look at our City’s nocturnal side.  Being a Wednesday night it was quiet and I found that to my liking.  Without the weekend crowds or those of an event like Bike Night I got the chance to see the regular denizens of Lake Worth at night.

Downtown Lake Worth is not flashy, but it is homey and I prefer that to places like downtown Delray.  You can still take a stroll, have a drink or two, pickup something to eat all without breaking the bank.

City Hall Coin Laundry.  I didn’t see any of the City Commissioners doing their wash last night, maybe I just missed them.


I never noticed the ceiling at Igots, it’s worthy of any shoreline bar.  I am a great admirer of this style of decor!


Propaganda is relatively new in town.  Okay, the bar is relativity new, as it seems that forms of propaganda have been around Lake Worth for quite some time.


The Lake Worth Playhouse.  Grande Dame of our downtown’s nightscape.


Neon, there’s just the right amount of it downtown.  Some of it is quite artistic.


Several times last evening I felt as though I was seeing the South Florida version of Edward Hopper’s iconic painting Nighthawks.


Walking north from downtown on Dixie I dropped by the Organic Music Cafe.  It was open mike night night and I stayed for a couple of songs.  While I was there I took a look at the Sunday brunch menu.  I know where I’ll be Sunday afternoon!



I stopped at this place on the way home last night to pick up a late dinner.  It’s also on Dixie Highway and I have gotten take out there several times in the past.  Last night I had a chance to talk with the owner while my food was being prepared.  He’s a really nice guy and told me that the business was started 30 years ago by his father!  The food is great, in fact I’m eating the leftovers as I type this.


There you have it, an evening’s stroll downtown.  There is an effort being made to encourage us to spend our money at local Lake Worth merchants.  An easy way to help is to take a walk on Lake Worth’s dark side.

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2 Comments on “The Dark Side of Lake Worth. . .”

  1. Wes Blackman Says:

    The darkside seems pretty bright to me – nice pics Tom!

  2. Loretta Sharpe Says:

    I really enjoy, your site.It is interesting and your pictures are great.

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