Strong Mayor. . .

After reading Bill Coakley’s post on his website (click here to view) and listening to his radio show, I have to say he has a point about being a strong mayor.  Since I haven’t seen any campaign posters for Mr. Coakley I decided to whip one up for him this morning.



This is not an endorsement!  This is only a post on my blog!  If this had been an actual endorsement,  the Attention Signal you just heard would have been followed by official information, news or instructions.

This concludes this test of the Emergency Blog Post Alert System.

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2 Comments on “Strong Mayor. . .”

  1. pietro Says:


    I find your disclaimer notable. Absent a disclaimer was this, then, an endorsement:

    • tomspage Says:


      I just thought of adding the disclaimer today, and don’t feel like going back and putting it on all the posts that it may, or may not apply to. Any “formal” endorsements on my blog will come closer to the elections. Until then it is up to the reader to draw their own conclusions.


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