Where In The World?


Lake Worth’s very own globe trotting Commissioner sends this cryptic message home from Sopot Poland:

I am sharing the comment below with you regarding new construction and compatibility in Gdansk and Sopot Poland — please keep in mind that these cities receive more than 2 Million tourists annually. They are small towns – less than 40K residents in Sopot. I met with one of their Vice Mayor’s today to explore twinning our cities. I look forward to having a town hall meeting when I return with pics of the town and similarities between our town and how a town ATTRACTS 2 million tourists….

I was AMAZED today to see a new Hilton being built here in Gdansk, Poland = 4 stories. Shocking actually – it CONFORMS with the existing structures. Also, a brand new Sheraton Conference Hotel and Spa just opened a few months ago in Sopot – the city I am working to twin Lake Worth with. Again – it CONFORMS with their 1920 Casino – now called the Grand Hotel. I am more than ever CONVINCED that height restrictions make us MORE – not attractive – to developers and tourists.

After reading Commissioner Mulvehill’s message I looked up Sopot Poland at Wikipedia and found these interesting facts:

Sopot is currently undergoing a period of intense development, including the building of a number of five star hotels and spa resorts on the waterfront. The main pedestrianized street, Monte Cassino, has also been extended by diverting traffic underneath it, meaning the whole street is now pedestrianized. Sopot, aside from Warsaw has the highest property prices in Poland.

Godspeed commissioner, and travel safely!

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2 Comments on “Where In The World?”

  1. Wes Blackman Says:

    Love the hat – very dashing and perfect for travel to high-end Hotspots, or is it Sopots?

  2. Karri Says:

    So if it makes us “MORE – not attractive – to developers and tourists”, why did she vote FOR the height restrictions?

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