A Little Bit Of Equal Time. . .

qI have had the pleasure of meeting Quetel Osterval  a couple of times over the last few days.  Que, as he likes to be called, is the soft spoken Owner and Executive director of the Cyberbusiness  Center at 824 Lake Ave. .  Que started the business 2-1/2 years ago and has been working hard to make it successful.  Que’s pleasant demeanor belies the fact that he is highly educated (in addition to his degree he spent a year at Harvard on a scholarship) and motivated man.

This morning when I read Lynn Anderson’s blog about her visit to his business center (Click Here To Read It) I thought, this does not sound like the man I know.  So I went over to speak with him about what happened.

When I arrived Que and his staff were visibly upset.  The manager of the Business Center said that Lynn Anderson had been in the store a while ago and noticed the materials they were printing for some candidates.  He said that she said it wouldn’t be a good thing to support any candidates and maybe she would write about it in her blog.

Que then gave his version of today’s visit by Ms. Anderson.

He said that he never just came up to her and asked who she was supporting.  Que said he only came out of the back of the store after he heard raised voices and wanted to see if he could help.

Contradicting what Anderson writes on her Blog, Que told me that Anderson informed him and his employees that if her candidate wins they would shut his business down.  Que who came from Haiti 30 years ago said, “You see when a threat like that is made in Haiti, the next night they might fire bomb your business”.  He said the thought some of his employees might want to leave if they thought the company would not stay open.

Now, whose story is true?  I can’t tell you and like all things the truth is likely somewhere in the middle.  I can tell you that Que was upset enough to contact the PBSO after the incident.

Here’s what I can tell you, this should have never happened.  A business can print what they want in order to make a living.  A business can, if it so desires, support a candidate for public office.  It is worth noting that Que’s store does not display any political candidates signs, the only ones visible are the ones they are working on.

We’ll never know what was really said at the shop this morning.  However Ms. Anderson appears to be trying to teach businesses how to conduct themselves.  Oddly she seems only to have problems with those she perceives as having differing political views (Click Here to Read More).

It appears that she might benefit from some training on how to conduct herself as well.

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10 Comments on “A Little Bit Of Equal Time. . .”

  1. tomspage Says:

    Comment Sent Via E-mail:

    Q has an imagination that is not based on any reality of the matter. As you were not there, you took his word for the story along with his employees that need jobs. Good going, Tom. I can see where your “reporting” is totally unbiased. The only one who brought politics into this encounter this morning was Q. And yes, business certainly can support any candidate it chooses. This is America afterall. I just say that it is not a good business decision here in Lake Worth when businesses are struggling. It is not smart business to bad mouth someone’s candidate because they did not bring their printing business to his store. It is not smart to ask me what candidate I am supporting and then bad mouth them. It is not smart business to put my copying job down. Every dollar counts nowadays. It is not smart of him to threaten some sort of legal suit. It would be much smarter to keep politics out of it. Being a Harvard man, I am sure that he understands that. You should too. Are you now the defender of the Kanye West’s of the world? Congratulations.

    • tomspage Says:


      Did you know that Kanye West donated 500,000 dollars of his own money to a foundation he started to keep kids from dropping out of school?

      As I said, “Now, whose story is true? I can’t tell you and like all things the truth is likely somewhere in the middle.” As well as, “We’ll never know what was really said at the shop this morning.”

      I thought I would give the man a chance to tell his side of the story.


  2. tomspage Says:

    Via E-mail:

    You are motivated by much more than simply disputing anything I write about. What is it exactly that turns you on so much to the point of using my name on blogs and getting personal? To run right down to a store and “get the other side of the story?” Get down into your deepest soul and let me know. Now that WOULD be a story. LOL. How come you’re not at the football game?

    • tomspage Says:


      Like it or not Blogs are a sort of Media and yours is one of the many things I post about on mine.

      As I mentioned above, I have met Que a couple of times and I enjoyed discussing sales and marketing with him. If anybody else had written about him I still would have gone and talked with him today to see what he had to say. It’s not all about you here Lynn!

      I had planned on attending tonight’s football with my daughter Deanna. However when she got home from after-school this afternoon she had a large seizure. She is better now and sleeping.

      Thanks for asking.


  3. Dale Says:

    Lynn’s track record including lack of civil conduct, her outright lies and misrepresentations and her lack of any tolerance for anything perceived to be other than her positions are well known to the citizens of Lake Worth.

    To berate and cause an insensitive scene at a business that filled a long standing vacancy at a very visible location in Lake Worth is indicative of Lynn’s attitude and being part of the problem in Lake Worth as opposed to being part of the solution.

  4. Joan Says:

    Thanks for shedding some light on this. I did read the blog your referring to and have off and on for a couple months. Extremism shouldn’t be ignored. There are definitely some issues expressed in that blog that go well beyond political disagreements.

    I’m a 53 year old white woman and if I where Que I would of kicked her out my shop and blogged about it. Probably would have been good for business.

  5. tomspage Says:

    This was posted at my Facebook page.

    Having met them both I am more inclined to believe his version. He works on so many great cause,American Cancer relay for life, mentoring young adults, food drives, and many other local causes to help people. I stand with him proudly.

  6. Phil Spinelli Says:

    thank you tom, for taking your time to investigate. i have met q, and was surprised by this thread. i believe he knows what “smart business” means. i believe q also knows what it’s like to be threatend, as do many other hard working citizens in lake worth. p

  7. Karri Says:


    I am so appreciative of you presenting the other side. As most of us have found out, Lynn wouldn’t know the truth if it hit her in the face….which it has and she continues to tell lies, spread hatred and publish stories she makes up which haven’t an element of fact to them.

    I too have met Que several times. He has always been a gentleman. When I have gone into his store, he has made a point of coming out and asking if he can be of help in a friendly and accommodating way.

    Thank you for sharing the other side.

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