Making A Federal Case. . .

It’s very interesting to go to the Lake Worth Chamber of Commerce’s website and check out the accommodations they promote to those interested in visiting Lake Worth. (Click here to view the page)

Under the heading “From quaint bed and breakfasts to luxury resorts, we have your perfect home away from home!” the Chamber features twelve places to stay.

Of the twelve, four are bed and breakfast places here in town.  There are two listings for Adam Schlesinger’s resort over the bridge in Palm Beach.  Two more are for  resorts and hotels in Palm Beach.  There is one for a La Quinta Inn in Jupiter (yes Jupiter!).  The Hummingbird downtown and the New Sungate Hotel on South Federal Highway are the only two true hotels listed in the city.  Googling the Hummingbird and New Sungate shows that while they each had some good reviews, both of them had enough bad ones to make a potential visitor think twice about staying in Lake Worth.

We decided to take a walk down South Federal Highway and take a look at the hotels there and the general conditions.

We started at the New Sungate.  The owners of the Sungate get an A for effort. While we did not go in the rooms, the condition of the building and parking lot was neat and clean.  But like the reviews online mention, a traveler arriving at the New Sungate would be upset with the neighborhood, particularly after dark.

The New Sungate Hotelfed5

As we walked north we found a mix of some places that still looked pretty well maintained surrounded by vacant lots, shuttered hotels and motels that rent units out as apartments by the day, week or month.

This property is well taken care of. . .


But right up the road is the abandoned Midnight Sun Hotel.


One of the many for rent signs.


There was an unexpected bright spot.  Someone is redoing the building at 826 South Federal and it looks fantastic.


fed11We went in the ally to check out the back.

fed9 There has been a lot of talk recently about attracting business to improve the Dixie Highway corridor.  We cannot forget about Federal Highway as we look to the future.  Federal is a gateway into our City and it deserves the same attention we are trying to focus elsewhere.

We also need to get a good hotel within walking distance to our downtown and beach if we ever hope to be a tourist destination.  While the Gulfstream moulders we should consider other possible locations.  It is ridiculous that a hotel in Jupiter is featured as a place to stay when visiting Lake Worth.  We just got Publix to come here, now let’s set our sights on getting the things we need to make this a city people will want to visit and in which to spend their dollars.

Note: See Nadine Burns’s comment below regarding the Hotel In Jupiter that’s on the Chamber’s Website.

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6 Comments on “Making A Federal Case. . .”

  1. Nadine Burns Says:

    Tom I have enjoyed your commentary on things ” Lake Worth”. I want to point out something you may not realise The accomodations are according to membership. If you want to join the chamber there is nothing stopping you from doing so. It doesn’t matter where geographically you are located. I take call and emails from people all over the world , yes sometimes I wonder what planet the caller may be from. It is not uncommon for people to stay anywhere in PBC and want info on Lake Worth. We are not the destination place to provide all things to everyone yet. Businesses join for many reasons not the least but the opportunity to market to other Chamber businesses. The person in Jupiter that joined does just that. They offer discounts for business relationships and attract some people to consider Lake Worth who might not otherwise. Hope this provides some better understanding of how membership works. We are working on next years guide now and are busy adjusting membership so we have a more accurate guide for 2010 and will be not be providing listing for non dues paying members. Incidently I do enjoy the calls from people who think they are talking to Lake Worth Texas.
    Keep on posting!

  2. Ms. Hayes Says:

    I have a friend who owns about 600 Hotels and would love to Redo our beach bld./add hotel (return bld 1920 look/bath house). @ his/city expense, not own/take the beach in return for an extended lease ect.. I have approached the city on a few occasions re. this project but, w/present Comm. Reps. they refuse to concider it. Past Mayors/Comm. have liked the idea. It just is something that the Comm. is fearful of. CHANGE!!

    They don’t concider the employment, tax base,sewer,garbage,electric revenues and the huge draw for tourist etc… I think they are crazy, there is sooo much that could be done to promote this city and make this city fantastic, Promote the City as;

    “The North Beach Of South Beach”

    Get the film industry to make movies here; again. Get the music industry to have their parties here etc..Along w the arts via the CRA. People to use our golf facilites and shop in our stores. Promote/Market our city.

    We should really put this city on a Map! Honestly the people in the 20’s were smater and more organized than we are today!

    Also, this City Needs to have NO tolarence for Gangs!

    People will not come here if, our Crime rate is through the roof!!

    I have a couple ideas re: Gangs as well. I’ll reserve this suject for another time. Just keep in mind one Gang Claims the entire city as their teritory all 6 square miles! Who will come here for that.

    • tomspage Says:

      Ms. Hayes

      Thank you for your great comment. I’ve heard through the grapevine that because of the Palm Beach County Cultural Council moving here, the Convention and Visitors Bureau offices and the County Film Commission want to move here as well.

      If you ever want to write a guest blog here just let me know, I’d be delighted to give you your own post.


      • Ms. Hayes Says:

        Wouldn’t mind but, I’m not sure where to squeeze in the time….kids,house,dog,work,weird city and zoning ect.. I will try though.

        Lets see if; we can get some reasonable fresh blood downtown and make some changes for the better…

  3. tomspage Says:

    Ms. Hayes,

    I know how hard it is to find time too.

    It’s a standing invitation to all my readers. So if you ever are compelled to write about something, and can find the time, just let me know.


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