Signs, Signs, Everywhere There’s Signs. . .

Deanna and I took a short walk today and as the song goes, signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs.

I saw this in the window of Marty’s Shoe Repair.  I’m not sure if Marty’s is truly a “mom & pop” business, but if they are, they may need to change the sign to read altercations.


We headed over to Javier Del Sol’s sign factory to visit and see how they were coming along.  As I’ve mentioned before Javier might not be my first choice for mayor, but his campaign’s commitment to recycling is admirable and heck it’s just plan fun too.

The assembly line, green style!


Drying the noonday sun.

signs2 The finished product ready to go.


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One Comment on “Signs, Signs, Everywhere There’s Signs. . .”

  1. kalinka Says:

    I think Javeir has the best signs out of all of them. Aside from being recycled, they are the most eye catching and best looking. I think it would be pretty cool if everyone made their own. What happens to these signs .. millions of them across the country, after elections? They are total and complete waste from start to finish. It may not be the best way for people to use their human resources but it makes a statement on multiple levels. Well done Javier.

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