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Thursday October 22, 2009

Mayoral Hopeful McNamara

Mayoral Hopeful McNamara

Lake Worth Florida– Mayoral Candidate Laurence McNamara announced today that he has secured a 14 person mobility vehicle to provide transportation from the downtown area to the beach.  McNamara stated, “By dealing directly with the prior owners we were able to acquire a vehicle perfectly suited for our needs“.

Utilizing a state of the art  High Output Transfer Driven Oxygen Generator (H.O.T.D.O.G.) the transporter actually returns oxygen to the atmosphere as it is driven.

The initial route for the service will be North Lakeside Drive to Old Bridge Park and the Casino.

This is truly a win / win situation for Lake Worth“,  said McNamara with obvious relish.

Lake Worth's state of the art 14 person mobility vehicle employs H.O.T.D.O.G technology to help the environement.

Lake Worth's state of the art 14 person mobility vehicle employs H.O.T.D.O.G. technology to help the environment.

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4 Comments on “Hot Diggity!”

  1. Mary Lindsey Says:

    Tom’s page really cuts the mustard and every other blogger in town will have to work their buns off to ketchup with this one.

  2. Dale Says:

    Will it be parked in the parking lot affectionately referred to as Hot Dog Park?

  3. Greg Rice Says:

    Do you think he’ll let me drive the weenie wagon like “Little Oscar” did?

  4. Karri Says:


    Thanks for the visual and the laugh. Great comment Mary. Greg, Please save me a seat. I will bring the onion and relish.

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