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{AA26B324-9C03-4533-B9A3-7BBC3973A91B}_WebWhile walking downtown tonight I came across a campaign party for Scott Maxwell at Nature’s Way Café.  I dropped in to chat with Scott and several others there.

During the course of conversation the owner of Nature’s Way told several of us that he had received quite a few phone calls and voice mails from people who said they were upset that he was hosting the party for Maxwell.

He let us listen to several of the voice mails, and they were all the same, to the point of sounding scripted.  The callers said that Mr. Maxwell was affiliated with hate groups and if he hosted the party they would be telling people not to patronize his shop.

The owner went on to tell us that he received a call from Cara Jennings who identified herself as a City Commissioner and also told him that if he hosted the party she would tell people not to patronize his store.  He said that the call was on speaker phone and another person heard Commissioner Jennings.

If what the owner says is true, Commissioner Jennings acted in a wholly inappropriate manner.

Cara Jennings, the private citizen, can protest whatever she wants to her heart’s content.  But to identify herself as a City Commissioner and then proceed to tell a local Lake Worth merchant that she would tell people to stay away from his business because he hosted a party for a person whose views she does not approve of is inexcusable.

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11 Comments on “Inappropriate. . .”

  1. new voice Says:

    there are several of those stories…did not live here before but hard to believe this is an elected official…how can this happen??? isnt she a McNamara supporter? wait until that one joins the group…

  2. Mary Lindsey Says:

    I can see it now . . . A teary-eyed denial from Ms. Jennings followed up by someone from her camp falling on the sword, admitting it was they who made the call.

    Can’t wait to see what her latest version of an Ethics Ordinance looks like.

  3. Spice Says:

    Besides the obvious lack of Peace and Justice, the demonstrators handing out their hate literature last night accomplished two negative results. In aggressively approaching people who were walking in the business area—many of whom were from out of town—many walkers left with a bad impression of Lake Worth after being lectured by the unwashed masses. Also, as a family with a small child stopped at Scott’s Meet and Greet, it occurred to people at the Meet and Greet—- that if the husband, who is active in a number of civic organizations, ever considered running for elective office—–he or his wife might to be reluctant to have the family put through this kind of harassment. Although it was nice that the demonstraters convinced the family to make a campaign contribution to scott, what if a result of the demonstration was to decrease the pool of people who participate in Lake Worth’s democracy? With vote counts around 30%, we certainly don’t want fewer people participating in the process of election or voting. Maybe that was Cara’s real objective.

    Given the above, it was of little comfort that the Meet and Greet turned into a successful fundraiser. One businessman, not known for his political contributions, mentioned the above points and noted that the vacancies downtown were a function of shopkeepers not wanting to invest in Lake Worth and then a function of the local economy. Scott’s track record on tough Code Ordinances attracted the businessman to the event, but the protesters were the reason for getting out his checkbook to protect the antics of the demonstrators.

  4. Dan Winkel Says:

    Unacceptable behavior from someone who represents the City.

  5. Elizabeth Arevalo Says:

    Totally unacceptable but sadly very predictable

  6. Greg Rice Says:

    Tom, I serve on a board with a mayor from a city here in PBC and he said that The Green Party is proping up canidates like Cara and coaching them in an attempt to get a foot up on the ladder, locally and then nationally. Here’s what someone posted on another blog and people in LW need to wake up and smell the coffee as to what’s really happening here. Read this;

    It’s too bad, our citizens don’t understand what is really happening in our City! While everyone thinks golden and mulvehill are cara’s puppets, they don’t realize that cara is nothing but a puppet too. she has a high school education, and a think tank feeding her ideas. The geen party, keeps increasing the rights of illegals, and law breakers, while reducing the rights of homeowners. These are not the hippies of the 60’s folks. These people are ruthless! Good people step up to help our City, and these anarchist’s try anything they can to assassinate their character! We need to sprinkle some Holy Water over this town!

  7. Tom,
    What are you doing? Is this the story that your really concerned about? Why would you cater your writing to people with such little integrity? You ask “if what the owner says is true” and then go on to assume it is. Not very impressive journalism.. But i guess that’s not what blogs are for.

    In any case, i saw your comment on the New Times article about Maxwell, and decided i should post my response here as well. So here it is (a simple suggestion to folks..try reading it ALL before you comment):

    There is very clear, concrete ties between Scott Maxwell and several well-established hate groups at

    You would have been able to find them for yourself at Scott Maxwell’s own site, had he not taken it down in attempt to hide his affiliations while running for office.

    To clear things up: The only connection with Stormfront thus far is that people on the ‘white pride world wide’ website use the same sources for their statistics on immigration …and neither of them can spell Steven Camarota’s name right. Scott Maxwell misspelled his guest’s name as ‘Camarato’, the same way ‘Andreas’ on Stormfront forum spelled it, which is why the connection came up so prominent in a search engine while initial research was being done:

    The topic of that forum was militarizing the border. Do some research on Maxwell, then ask yourself: Would you be surprised if Scott Maxwell posted on the Stormfront site himself?

    There is a thin veil between Don Black of Stormfront and Dan Stein, the executive director of FAIR (Maxwell’s primary hate group of choice). Stein is quoted generously on Stormfront by people hiding behind pseudonyms.

    The founders of FAIR are what could be called ‘populist white supremacy’; they operate with the intention of mainstreaming white power movements.

    Their funding, leadership and ideology share too much in common to ignore.

    • tomspage Says:


      Thanks for your comment.

      You’re right i am not a journalist and this is indeed just a blog. However T think your zeal has you reading too much into this post. It was not written to condem or condon Scott Maxwell. It was intended to take issue with people and a City Commisioner involving a local business at the 11th hour and threatening to tell people to stay away from his business if he catered the event. Please take note: I put up two more posts regarding Mr. Maxwell prior to getting your comment.

      I am disappointed that the activists chose this course of action. I listened to the recorded calls and if I was running that business I would have felt threatened.

      Panagioti, you have known about Mr. Maxwell for some time, so why did you choose to involve a local business last night? Please let me know why you could not have protested at a candidates forum or some othe venue?

      The guy got caught in your crossfire and that’s not cool.

      As far as Commisioner Jennings is involved,simply put a Commissioner should not have made the phone call she did last night’

      And a small plea from me, protest all you want put please show civility to others who are not directly involved. It would be the right thing to do.


  8. Mary Lindsey Says:

    As long as we’re sharing internet research, here’s an informative little tidbit about Palm Beach County Environmental Coalition’s chairman, Panagioti Tsolkas. Click on the link provided and scroll down past the Micheal Moore story to read the entire interview if you have the stomach for it after reading the following direct quote from Mr. Tsolkas taken from the interview. WARNING not for the feint of heart.

    Panagioti: I’d have to tell people to stop shitting in their drinking water. I think the water is the basis of our connection to this planet in a lot of ways and there’s such a disregard and disrespect for it. Every time someone flushes the toilet, I think it symbolizes that. I advocate composting alternatives. …For background on the subject, there’s an online version of The Humanure Handbook which is an amazing book on breaking with the centralized sewage nightmare and reconnecting to the cycle of growing-eating-shitting.

  9. Dan Winkel Says:

    How appropraite is that? Panagioti and The Humanure Handbook.

  10. new voice Says:

    oh my!!! i which i would have known about this Panagioti guy before moving here…

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