Taking Credit Where None Is Due. . .

laurencebwThis e-mail from a member of the Democratic Club was forwarded to me this evening.

Subject: falsehood of Democratic endorsement

Harvey, please send this our to our membership email lists and to Terri Rizzo at the DEC also. Folks need to know of this deceit.

I am ashamed of this as we emphasized that we were not endorsing anyone to the candidates at our forum.

On September 15th the Board of the Lake Worth Democratic Club decided not to endorse any of the candidates for Lake Worth offices. In the past we have not endorsed and we continued this practice. We realize that our members were supporting various candidates and chose not to endorse anyone. On October 19th we held a candidate forum as a service to the community as we have done for the last several years. To repeat,  we did not endorse any Lake Worth candidate for mayor and the statement on Laurence McNamara’s campaign flyer saying that he is “co-endorsed by the Democratic Club” is a falsehood. Please be advised.

Note:  The e-mail is reproduced as sent, including the bold text.

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4 Comments on “Taking Credit Where None Is Due. . .”

  1. Mary Lindsey Says:

    I guess the next thing we’ll be hearing is how the Lake Worth Democratic Club is a white supremacist hate group and that Brouges is next on the hit list for allowing them to meet there.

  2. new voice Says:

    That McNamara guy has spent some money in signs…he just puts them everywhere without asking permission…I experienced it….increadible!what to expect if he becomes mayor…

    Mr. McNamara is not suitable for the diverse town that Lake Worth is…Lake Worth is a beautiful city, with some of the oldest structures in south fl. I know he is all for preservation…but he does not realize that times have changed…you can preserve the history but you can not bring it back. Lake Worth needs to grow, and develop a stronger economy…We need a stronger downtown that can strengthten our ability to network as a community…as the new community we are becoming.

    What scares me about all there advocates of preservation, is that they are opposing development but they are not doing anything to preserve it…Dixie Hwy has some many empty store fronts it looks horrible !!! not much preservasion if you ask me.

    Oh!!! another thing…with such an issue with the guatemalan community, it is surprising that the commission does not have hispanic representation, which migth be a sign of lack of education that legal hispanics citizens in the area receive about local elections. the lake worht area is home to the largest guatemalan community is the U.S. The first step in improving this issue is to elect an official that can relate to the local Hispanic community…go an vote on Nov 3rd….im sure you got your own stories to add.. GET INVOLVED, GO AND VOTE!!!

  3. Karri Says:

    Now there’s a surprise, Lawrence McNamara doing something deceitful and despicable. Please Lake Worth, wake up and realize that this man does not have plans for the good of our town.

  4. Diana Says:

    As the former Secretary and Executive Board Member of the Palm Beach Democratic Party, I will share the party rules as it pertains to Democratic clubs and as I remember them.

    In all Democratic Club charters, they are specifically forbidden to endorse any candidate in a Dem primary. Muni elections, however, are non-partisan.

    Knowing what I know of the inner-party workings, I can assure you that no Dem club endorsed anyone. This is a race the Dem party leadership would stay clear of and rightfully so.

    These campaign tactics are heinous on their face and a gross fraud being perpetrated on the Lake Worth electorate.

    Above all, honesty is paramount.

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