Guest Blogger, Pirates of the Solomon Islands

Guest Blogger “Karma” has sent in another great parody, Pirates of the Solomon Islands / The Curse of the Dubi 28

You can click on the images to enlarge them, especially the last one!














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3 Comments on “Guest Blogger, Pirates of the Solomon Islands”

  1. new voice Says:

    This is how the time of great lake worth citizens is spent, putting comics together. I respect Rene, he represents who i am. A young educated professional that see the potential in this beautiful historic city. I have worked for corporations that have made bad decisions and mistakes, are those mistakes going to follow me my whole life? Im a good citizen and I also want the best for lake worth..I want lake worth individuals to have the education and opportunities i had growing up. I think Rene can do that, and right now that is what we need the most. Its time to let the Ole Boy Network come to and end and move on.

  2. paul Says:

    nice job Karma

  3. loretta sharpe Says:

    With all the problems facing us, is this election going to come down to this foolishness. What are you people thinking. Is it so important to get someone you know will only be a willing follower elected.
    That you would participate in this kind of smear campaign? You and I both know Larry would make a terrible mayor.I am more than willing to give Rene a chance and offer any support he may want. I know he has leadership skills.I am praying he can use these to bring together this community.

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