Just Found This On You Tube, Worth Watching.

I’m not sure who made this video, but I think it’s intent is to portray Scott Maxwell in a negative fashion.  It includes the audio of one his radio shows.  Listen and see what you think.

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One Comment on “Just Found This On You Tube, Worth Watching.”

  1. pietro Says:

    Ahh, my brother,

    “ … I think it’s intent is to portray Scott Maxwell in a negative fashion.”

    Lets be clear about the content of this video: It contains Scott Maxwell’s own words, in largely unexpurgated chunks, throughout. That is, from beginning to end he speaks for himself. On the audio front, quantitatively, its advantage Maxwell.

    Regarding visuals, here is my rough measure: clear signage advantage in the categories of ‘question Scott Maxwell’/’defend Scott Maxwell’, roughly even, say eight a piece. Images that I rate as representing both sides, equal signage, or players: roughly a little more than double that cumulative total, say twenty. In images where there was no clearly identifiable signage I called the juxtaposition of image to Scott Maxwell’s own words a wash (unfair? fair?) it was a little less than the “both” category, coming in at about sixteen.

    So, to recap images, approx 8 fer/8 agin; even-steven at 20, and then again at 16. And Scott Maxwell’s own words, exclusively. If you conclude that it portrays Scott Maxwell in a negative light perhaps, regardless of intent, that is due to the empiric persuasiveness of Scott Maxwell’s own voice. Please remind me, Scott Maxwell is running for elective office in Lake Worth, if the raw reality of Scott Maxwell’s own conduct condemns him whose fault is that but, well … ?

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