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8 Comments on “Ouch!”

  1. Mary Lindsey Says:

    Dear Tom, I realize that campaigning in Lake Worth has descended into an all’s fair mentality and certainly candidates on both sides are fair game for post election commentary, evaluation and yes, parody. That said, I think this image stretches that license into areas like humiliation and degradation. It’s hard enough to find candidates willing to endure the rigors of a Lake Worth election without adding such insult to the personal injury every losing cadidate faces, especially bright and early the very next morning. This effort is unworthy of your substantial talent.

  2. Deloris Says:

    ha ha ha, funnnnnnny.

  3. Deborah Says:

    I think this is adorable.

    Tom is irreverent as lampoonist needs to be. And he pokes fun at both sides which is commendable.It’s not like Wes didn’t try to spank JoAnn.

    Moreover, I think it’s probably not so easy to photoshop a head in the position he has Wes’ head.

  4. kalinka Says:

    Dear Mary
    I find it fairly funny that YOU have anything to say about insult and personal injury. You are one the most aggressively insensitive beings I have ever met. You displayed a total lack of common decency when you shrieked into a bull horn to drown out a college student who was invited to speak at the recent press conference downtown. I don’t care if you did not like what she was saying or what she stood for.. You were inhumane period.

    This is just humor and lampooning. You have no problems laughing when he pokes fun at people you don’t like.. perhaps you recall commenting on
    “The ratty puke show” ??

    Tom is a blogger that gives everyone the same love.. get over it.

  5. Mary Says:

    Hmmm. Some of us can dish out the humiliation and degradation, but we can’t take it?

    How ’bout one of Cara spanking Mary?!

  6. Jack Simons Says:

    Please excuse the ignorance, but I have been dealing with politicians for two months and have forgotten some basic things. Is it more fun to be the spanker or the spankee?

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