Results. . .

At Havana Hideout, with Jo-Ann Golden (winner district 3) and Laurence McNamara (runoff against Rene’ Varela ).








Here are the election results as tabulated by the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections:


William Coakley  6.63%  207

Javier Del Sol 12.26%  383

John Jordan 1.92%  60

Laurence McNamara 26.26%  820

Loretta Sharpe 13.86%  433

Rene’ A. Varela 39.07%  1,220

District 1

Ron Exline 34.70%  1,005

Scott Maxwell 65.30%  1,891

District 3

Wes Blackman 41.99%  1,287

Jo-Ann Golden 58.01%  1,778

Lake Worth Question #1

YES 73.11%  1,971

NO 26.89%  725



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4 Comments on “Results. . .”

  1. Rodney Romano Says:

    There’s no love lost between me and Scott Maxwell(he is wholly unqualified), but fair is fair. How come he got attacked for racism, yet McNamara got a free pass? Here’s the verbatim text of a letter that his wife wrote and that he by his silence endorsed. I think it speaks for itself and demonstrates the hypocrisy of those who rallied against Maxwell last week. Here it is:

    Verbatum letter from Dee McNamara to County Commissioner Warren Newell

    November 18, 2003

    Dear Commissioner Newell,
    The present mayor of Lake Worth is trying to revive a plan to build a boardwalk along our golf course. This after citizens complained about the clusters of illegal aliens hanging in unwashed looking group on Lake Ave. & D & E Sts. Making the city look like a third world. Romano feels that dumping them in the backyards of homes on the golf course that are open and never needed protection. Golfers do not like these people staring at them and having their privacy taken away during enjoyment of the game.
    When those starers get hit by a ball from a full swing and blind one eye or more who will pay for the lawsuit liability. Like all primitive people and poor, when they see wealth they want it and take it. I am alone at night from 3pm till 12:30 midnight, when my husband works. When I get burglarized and raped, I shall not hesitate to sue Lake Worth into bankruptcy as this would be the result of a stupid decision of our city. Many senior citizens live alone along the golf course and are scared. L.W. mismanagement causes understaffing and underpayment of our police Dept. 3 recently quit for a better salary paying town.
    Mr. Boutwell gave the land only to be used as a public golf course, not for a promenade to get rid of undocumented aliens from hanging on Lake Ave.
    I shall contact him as well. Romano enjoys taking the city’s properties or reducing the value of the city’s conformity and threatening us to use the seat of mayor this rubberstamp commission to harm us and take away our quality of life, with Evans no open bid sales.
    On tapes of meetings is the proof.
    Tonight he called me a name and falsely accused me of filing a petition to protect slumlords.
    I am consulting a lawyer about this abusive and slanderous accusation, unless you can advice me of a better action. I am known as the most elegant lady and his insult endangers my name and reputation. I am a clean political activist, a strict proponent of the law and protect single fam. homeowners interests.

    Mrs. D. McNamara
    422 No. Lakeside Dr.
    L.W. 33460

    Note: accepted into the public record November 20, 2009
    Note: The “name” Mrs. McNamara took umbrage to was a reference by the Mayor to her “infinitesimal intelligence”.

  2. Marko Says:

    What a great read. The best part is her husband working from 3pm to 12:30am, ya right, pure comedy. Mr.McNamara has a 20 year hole in his resume, try to get a McJob with that.
    This letter should be translated into Spanish/Mayan and passed to the ” clusters of illegal aliens hanging in unwashed looking group on Lake Ave. & D & E Sts.”

  3. Luther Nadler Says:

    Only in Lake Worth would ineptitude be meted out by somebody who rammed through the Lucerne Condo approval in such a way as to:
    1) Serve as a foundation for his own political defeat and give us Mark Drautz for 2 years;
    2) Give Cara’s Cabal a rallying cry to completely rewrite the Comp Plan for height and density in such a way as to significantly impede recovery in our business districts, which will continue to negatively impact our residential neighborhoods.

    Is political ineptitude considered to be:
    1) Knowing that:
    a. after hearing Dee spew her hate and stupidity in public hearings for at least 5 years, anything negative now published would impact her husbands vote
    b. having the voters give Rene 1,220 votes after a very professional smear campaign and thinking that you can launch a better smear campaign
    2) Knowing that we are about to elect a Mayor who has:
    a. never served as an elected official, never served on P&Z or the CRA and accordingly has no knowledge of the process
    b. neither candidate has any effective communication or political influence with any PBC Commissioner or Staff during a time of water crisis, the 2-2-09 pending loss of our $5,000,000 Beach Grant
    and thinking that a smear campaign is best for the City?

    You better put some feet on the ground for Varela and give him the dollars he needs as Varela’s only goal is to be elected. Although Varela has already stated that he will ignore the people who populate either end of the political spectrum, maybe you can exert some influence, given Varela’s needs.

    With respect to the disingenuous remark about Scott Maxwell, he is after all the only individual to defeat Commissioner Lowe in her political career to date. Also Maxwell initiated, with others, the Code Ordinances and Enforcement Process that were so powerful that Cara had to gut the staffing of the department and fire the City Attorney to overcome them. It is noted that the RM’s remark came from an individual whose integrity and judgment gave us Tom Ramiccio as Mayor before he was declared incompetent by RM.

  4. kalinka Says:

    Oh my… glad to see all the positive thoughts here. Yikes this town has a lot of sour pusses! Soo on that note I wish to extend congrats to all the winners and I see that the people who did not win are being very gracious.. Cheers to all and for all those with excessive anger issues.. fear not, there are meds for that now.

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