We often take for granted. . .

This Wednesday is Veterans Day and today West Palm Beach had their parade.  The Lake Worth High School Air Force ROTC looked really sharp and I got a chance to talk with a few Vietnam vets after the parade.  They let me take a look around their Huey helicopter.

Let’s make sure to say thank you to those who have served our country, and not just on Veterans Day

















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10 Comments on “We often take for granted. . .”

  1. Karri Says:

    God Bless the USA.

  2. thomas stockmnn Says:

    First Amendment: Congress shall make no law regarding an establishment of religion.

  3. tomspage Says:

    It is not about the Country, or the religion. It is about the individuals who serve. . .

  4. thomas stockmnn Says:

    Not when specious generalizations are made on behalf of this “set” of individuals. Not when its spun on the basis of unexplicated premises. The methodology may be a huge FAIL.

    What its about is not assuming that everyone who served supports the cause some say they were fighting for … regardless of their willingness to serve out of a sense of duty.

    Many serve selflessly out of a belief in obligation and unity. The point is that the dissent is every bit as much a component of the democratic ideals we fight to defend as is the resolve to enter in to battle.

    The most persuasive pacifist I have ever known participated in the fire bombing of Dresden, and considered it a war crime.

  5. tomspage Says:

    Yes, you may have some points. And it’s not news to me that you know a veteran who is a pacifist, as most come away from the ordeal with a profoundly altered view of war.

    My background and schooling (4 years of it at the hands of the US Navy)as well as relatives who served, including a father who was a bomber navigator for the 8th Air Force in WWII allow me to have the sentiment that veterans deserved to be thanked without dwelling on the legitimacy of the conflict or their level of willingness to serve.

    To pursue this line of thought when all we need to do is say thank you is not necessary, and can be saved for a time other than the day set aside to honor them.

    You may call me sentimental, simplistic or even ignorant, but I feel you dishonor the simple virtue of the day with your comments.

  6. thomas stockmnn Says:


    It’s war, not a simple virtue.

    The point is that the experience is profound, and completely unfounded in the antiseptic hagiographic parade perspective you suggest.

    My comments accept and honor the sacrifice of those who have served. And the uniquely profound ‘catch 22’ of their experience. To wit, who among us actually know what it is to go to war other than these veterans?

    I am simply pointing out that not all of them support the campaign that they faithfully served; and this is not a discredit to their service; and that the vast majority of acknowledgments of the war experience glorify rather than critically reflect on the efficacy of the war posture adopted and/or it’s resulting celebration, or policy impact; and that this circumstance might leave us less rather than better informed about the ultimate choices we have undertaken.

  7. tomspage Says:

    Blah, blah, blah! Too much thought for a simple post with a simple message. The simple act of thanking someone of doing something that most of us hope to God we never have to do does not need to be a learning moment, it simply needs to be a moment of gratitude.

  8. thomas stockmnn Says:

    Let the record show that Tom’s response to a thoughtful exchange is “Blah, blah, blah.” Way to establish some cred, yo.

    Agreed, it is a simple post with a simple message which disserves the complex issue it seeks to exploit.

  9. tomspage Says:

    I stand by my Blah, Blah, Blah.

    Those who see exploitation in the simplest of thoughts and expressions are troublesome at times.

    Truly Dr. Stockmnn [sic], there is no exploitation here, so I’m moving on!

  10. Karri Says:

    My GOSH, Thomas have you completely lost your marbles? It is a simple Thank You to those who have served. Done.

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