Poor Taste?

Over the past few days I have received feedback on a “cartoon” I posted titled Ding Dong.  You can click here to see the original post.

The basic thrust of this feedback is that I was that I was espousing violence and that I “wished to see some of the commissioners dead”.

I have explained that the cartoon was intended as a metaphor and was not a call to encourage violence, nor was it a reference to a desire to see anybody dead.

Political cartoons have a history of using over the top images to convey their messages:

Last night while researching cartoons I came across this one, which I had not seen prior to posting the original Ding Dong post:

Taking a cue from it, I have altered the original Ding Dong cartoon for the benefit of literalists and the metaphorically challenged:

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12 Comments on “Poor Taste?”

  1. Wes Blackman Says:

    Again, some people here have a problem with uniform application of the First Amendment. I note that it is nearly impossible to willingly do someone harm by a falling house – unless you lived in Kansas in 1939

  2. Karri Says:

    ……and Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

  3. Mary Lindsey Says:

    Hey Tom. I can’t help but remember a morning just two weeks ago when I posted a comment on “OUCH” calling into question the level of taste exhibited by the parody, and you were not inspired to revise it with a more palitable version. Nor should you have. You delivered a public commentary in your own unique and gifted way, and allowed me the opportunity to publicly express my view of that expression.

    Please don’t start mincing words and images to placate the masses. (maybe that shouldn’t be plural if the offended is a singular)

    Mary Lindsey

  4. tomspage Says:


    Point taken, however the “revision” I posted for Ding Dong was more a comment on their objections than it was to placate them.


  5. Mary Lindsey Says:

    Art is a well organized human expression that requires neither defense nor explanation. That a work of art may evoke passion or provoke outrage is incidental and irrelevant. Free expression is all.

    Mary Lindsey

  6. Karri Says:

    I find it rather amusing that someone would find the original post threatening…….especially after they threatened a business owner, resulting in him shutting down his restaurant.

    • tomspage Says:

      To be fair I spoke with the owner of Natures way the night of the calls and he told me that he had already planned to close due to lack of sales. He had planned to close the day after catering the party for Maxwell, and even with his subsequent comments, it would be wrong to attribute the closing of Natures Way to the calls. I am not defending the calls, but rather want to be clear about the chain of events as they were told directly to me.

      It is worth noting that Natures Way is open again with new owners.


      • pietro Says:

        Also interesting to note that in the days following Nature’s Way’s closing the sign Mr. Dario had in his window attributed the store’s demise to an untimely family medical exigency.

        What story next, Mr. D.?

  7. pietro Says:

    Wow, color Mary Miss Magnanimity.

    Who’da thunk that during the NEA flap during the nineties she would have spoken in support of Mapplethorpe’s homoerotic photography and Serrano’s ‘piss christ.’

    Now there’s an image, Tom. (duck.)

  8. pietro Says:

    could you please put another line space in between “Okay” and “This?” Maybe even some punctuation. You let a guy be sick for a couple of days, and he slacks on the layout for, …well, okay its not eternity, yet.

  9. pietro Says:

    whutevuh. its only a cartoon.

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