Guest Blogger: Karma

I just received this from Karma, a frequent guest blogger at Tom’s Page:

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5 Comments on “Guest Blogger: Karma”

  1. kalinka Says:

    “Art is a well organized human expression that requires neither defense nor explanation. That a work of art may evoke passion or provoke outrage is incidental and irrelevant. Free expression is all.

    Mary Lindsey”

    Ohhhhh now I get it!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Uh-oh Says:

    I miss Clemens already.

  3. VanishingInk Says:

    This has got to be the WORST “cartoon” I’ve ever seen here. It’s nice to know Tom is capable of screwing up once in a while!
    It’s not even a little funny! It sucks!
    Oh well….

    • tomspage Says:

      Vanishing Ink,

      A couple of points:

      If you read the header and the sentence above the picture, you will see that the “cartoon” was send in by a “Guest Blogger”. I encourage people to send in things the would like to post on my blog. I will take all comers and will not censor their material.

      Humor must reside in the eye of the beholder; I have received correspondence expressing the fact that some people find this one quite funny.

      And ever though this one is not mine, I assure you that people feel I have screwed up on others posts.

  4. VanishingInk Says:

    Well I’m not buying that, Tom. Obviously you still haven’t screwed up yet.

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