Giving The Bird. . .

Today in the parking lot of the Cyberbusiness Center several hundred turkeys were handed out to families in need.  On hand were Quetel “Que” Osterval, who has coordinated this drive for 4 years, Mayor Rene Varela, Commissioner Scott Maxwell, Retha Lowe, the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office and many volunteers.


A long line of people in the ally waiting for the turkeys to arrive.


Que leading the group in prayer before handing out the birds.


Mayor Varela handing out a turkey.


Happy recipients.

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6 Comments on “Giving The Bird. . .”

    • tomspage Says:

      Yes, Que lead the group in a very heartfelt and touching prayer.

      It is quite a remarkable thing he does with this turkey drive.

      I am grateful I had the opportunity to be there.


  1. Jack Says:

    Congratulations to Que on the occasion of his fourth Thanksgiving Turkey Drive.

    BTW, Que organized a meeting last week of 35 Haitian Business, Not for Profit, Education and Church leaders to introduce their needs and concerns to Commissioner Maxwell. Que started that meeting with a prayer.

  2. Karri Says:

    A very BIG thank you to Que for his generosity. How lovely that he began this magnanimous event with prayer. I wish I could have been there to participate.

  3. Loretta Sharpe Says:

    Que is very religious. I attended his church in L.W.
    He has taught the youth group there for many years.
    Lynn look what you have done today.You have damned a man you do not know for his good deeds, his religion,
    and his honesty. Do you not have any shame?

  4. Greg Rice Says:

    In this season of giving thanks we need to thank all those who participated in Que’s effort to make our city a place where all people can get along and live together.

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