State of the City. . .

While I was at the Turkey donation this morning I had a chance to ask Mayor Varela if he intended to have an annual State of the City addresses in the future.  Since I have been living in Lake Worth the Mayor has not had them.  I feel that they are a good forum to address both progress made and the challenges that face our city.  They give the citizens a chance to hear where the City Commission’s priorities are focused.

To his credit Mayor Varela responded that he intended to hold an annual State of the City meeting and added that he wanted it to be more than the type of meeting held at the Chamber of Commerce with a “canned audience” and asked for suggestions of where it might be held.


This is a step in the right direction.

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One Comment on “State of the City. . .”

  1. Loretta Sharpe Says:

    I remember attending State of the City,presentations that were held at the Lake Worth Theater. They were very well attended.

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