Coming To A Downtown Near You.

On tomorrow night’s City Commission Agenda under new business are  proximity wavers for two new businesses coming to downtown, Crust New Haven Style Brick Oven Apizza and New moon Bar.

I took a bike ride by both locations this morning and happened to meet the owners of Crust New Haven Style Brick Oven Apizza.  It turns out that they are from my hometown and in fact know my brother who still lives up in Connecticut.

One of the owners, Nick, was kind enough to give me a tour of the space and show me the work they are doing, including installing an honest to goodness brick oven.  For those of you who don’t know, New Haven Connecticut has its own style of pizza and is home to two nationally recognized pizza restaurants, The Spot and Pepe’s (both owned by the same family).

While showing me around we discussed my favorite pie, the White Clam, which I used to order almost every time I went to Pepe’s or The Spot.  Nick and his crew assured me that they will offer a white clam pie that will rival or surpass what I used to get back north.   They anticipate opening around the first of the year and I will be first in line, waiting to dig into my old favorites.

802 Lake Ave. The future home of Crust New Haven Style Brick Oven Apizza

The New Moon Bar is a popular and successful gay and lesbian bar in Fort Lauderdale and they are moving into 808 Lake Ave.  I have a friend who worked at the Lauderdale location and raves about what a great place it is.

808 Lake Ave. Soon to be the New Moon Bar.

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3 Comments on “Coming To A Downtown Near You.”

  1. Karri Says:

    Wonderful News. Let’s hope we do everything we can to assist these businesses in opening in a timely fashion.

  2. Jeff Clemens Says:

    More good news for downtown. Fantastic!! We are absolutely on a roll.

    Tom, as a blogging professional (wink, wink), perhaps you could post a good definition for a troll.

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