Another Caption Contest. . .

To mark the first meeting of the City Commission after the elections it’s time for another caption contest.  The rules are simple, just submit the words to fill in the thought bubbles of the Commissioners and City Manager.  The contest will run for 48 hours and the winner shall be determined by an august panel of judges.

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11 Comments on “Another Caption Contest. . .”

  1. Mike Says:

    Maxwell- If I pretend to yawn I could probably elbow Cara in the face
    Jennings- No I told Anabeth before the water’s too hot it’s burning my feet. And I’m not letting her
    up from there until all my toes are polished.
    Varela- If I pretend to yawn I could probably elbow…..hey there’s Lynn. I got your dolphin right here Lynn.
    Golden- I’m thirsty. I forgot my bottle of Evian. No way I’m drinking West Palm’s dirty tap water out of those pitchers. I knew I shouldn’t have voted that way.
    Mulvehill- I’m really in Sopot…..I’m really in Sopot….I’m really in Sopot. O.k. Sue open your eyes. Damn nope still here.
    Stanton- Coakley….Schmoakley.

  2. Mary Lindsey Says:

    Maxwell: AMENDABLE??
    Jennings: Stop your nit-picking. I’m not amendable to that.
    Varela: The word is AMENABLE.
    Golden: Uhm. Aren’t contracts with the County amenable if they’re amendable or you know the other way around?
    Mulvehill: In Europe they are.
    Stanton: One.Two.Three. Yep, I still have a job.

  3. Dale Says:

    Scott: The same guys are out there 8 years later and they still haven’t voted for me.

    Cara: I’m having these 2 guys for dinner. Who is going to be first to open their mouth?

    Rene: Now what was it I said I was going to do?

    Jo-Ann: Boy am i glad my family finally went home.

    Suzanne: Boy could I use a branding iron for those 2 guys.

  4. Lynn Says:

    Scott: I’ve got to get rid of this 3 to 2..isn’t that right, Loretta?
    Cara: Racist!
    Rene: Flipper will flip again. Haven’t they figured that one out yet?
    Jo-Ann: Girl power! The 3 to 2 will prevail.
    Suzanne: Dolphin abusers suck.

  5. karma Says:

    Maxwell: I’m sitting next to a frickin’ anarchist!

    Jennings: I’m sitting next to a frickin’ rascist!

    Varela: I’m sitting next to a bunch of losers..when can I go to Tallahassee?

    Golden: Thank god I get to sit next to Suzanne.

    Mulvehille: Thank god I don’t have to sit next to the dolphin dealer.

    Stanton: Where am I and why are we clapping?

  6. skippy Says:

    Maxwell: Going forward, I’ll need everything that’s ever been voted on in my backup . . . going forward.

    Jennings: Guess I’ll still be doing the heavy lifting around here.

    Varela: Free pizza! So glad I took this job!

    Golden: Yikes! Did he just make a joke about a dead horse??

    Mulvehill: Where the hell is my inflatable dolphin?

  7. Karri Says:

    Maxwell: Oh NO, is that Ana?

    Cara: Thank Goodness, there’s Ana!

    Rene: Oh Dear, Is Ana coming after me this time?

    Jo-Ann: God Bless Cara and her Cabal.

    Suzy: Oh Goodie, I’m protected by the Dark Side.

    Stanton: Geez, I wonder how much they paid her this time?

  8. KatieMcG Says:

    Scott:Retha who?
    Cara:I miss Retha.
    Rene:Move over,Obama
    Jo-Ann:3 to 2, 3 to 2,Rene and Scott can tie my shoes!
    Suzanne:Lake Worth will be the Kayak capital of America!
    Ms. Stanton:Insanity,this is just insanity !

  9. The Dubai 28 Says:

    Maxwell: Jennings makes me sick!
    Jennings: Maxwell makes me sick!
    Varela: How did I get here?
    Golden: Varela makes me sick!
    Mulvehill: Makes me sick! Kiss my blowhole!
    Stanton: Who are these people and why am I clapping?

  10. thomas stockmann Says:

    Maxwell: Clemens is such a pussy.
    Jennings: Clemens is such a pussy.
    Varela: What’s with this Foley guy?
    Golden: Republican pedophile …
    Mulvehill: … Victims. Everywhere victims.
    Stanton: Foley is kinda cute …

  11. Please enlarge photo for greater viewing enjoyment.

    Scott: I’m smarter than her…now I just have to show everybody.
    Cara: I’m still Queen…see the “po-po” are still here cuz of me.
    Rene: This is my best fake smile. I’ll get these broads in line.
    Jo-Ann: Thank God Wes beat himself. I couldn’t have done it on my own.
    Suzanne: It’s so much fun being important.
    Susan: Oh how boring dealing with citizens. Ooooh, those new drapes look good.

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