Raising Cane. . .

This week we had a unique opportunity to visit an Eco-Farm on the other side of Florida where sustainable living is taken from theory and put into practice.  We were lucky enough to visit on a day when they were making cane syrup and everyone there was eager to answer all our questions and show us how it is done.

The Cane is cut with a machete.

An electric golf cart replaces the traditional mule.

The cane is feed into the press.

The juice is squeezed out.

And poured into a large kettle.

Everyone checks it out.

The fire is lit.

Both the fire and syrup are tended continuously.

The cane juice is brought to a boil to reduce it to syrup.

The whole process takes about 4 hours and the photos make it appear a whole lot simpler than it really is.  There are many small nuances involved, some  passed down from older generations and others learned by trial and error.  It takes a lot of work and constant attention to reduce the 60 gallons of juice to about 8 gallons of syrup.  But the cooperative effort we experienced made it a very enjoyable process.

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