Mother Still Needs You. . .

Mother Earth Coffee and Gifts has suspended all evening events until January.  Read more about it and how you can continue to help this wonderful Lake Worth  business once again become a venue for entertainment that cannot be found anywhere else.

So come on Tom’s Page readers let’s help out on this!

This is from Patti’s Blog:

Many of you know that Mother Earth Coffee, formerly known as Les Beans Coffee, has been a favorite place for young local musicians and poets to try their original music and poetry before a supportive audience.

Many of you may not know, as I did not, that any place which offers a space for a poem to be read, song to be sung, movie to be shown or workshop, is required by Palm Beach County to pay a $350 “Live Entertainment” license. This is what bars and night clubs routinely pay. The county is now coming after any restaurant, Hooka Bar, Kava Bar, Coffee Shop, furniture store which hosts any event that “gathers people to your business”. So, at a time when many small businesses are struggling to pay the basics, the government has found a way to harvest a revenue stream.

If you are a musician who attends Open Mic Nights or a business owner who has hosted an event to draw people in, please make note, let other small business owners know that this is happening. You may choose to do these events anyway, but you run the risk of fines of up to $250 an event.

I have learned that we cannot depend on the government to understand our stuggle nor to offer assistance to independent businesses. We are, quite frankly, on our own. But those of you who know me, know that I will not let this stop me or Mother Earth Coffee. So, here is OUR plan!

There will be a benefit to raise money for Mother Earth Coffee on December 19th from 5 – 11:00. Please mark your calendars, come by and get more info and spread the word! It is my goal to return to evening events by the end of January. The event is being produced by my dear friend Cleo and her company Wahgwan Entertainment. You can check out more info or even make a donation by going to her site.

Thanks for all your love and support!

Hope to see you on the 19th!

Peace and Love,


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