Non-Political (maybe) Caption Contest.

Yesterday Downtown:

Try your hand at captioning the photo above taken downtown yesterday!

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8 Comments on “Non-Political (maybe) Caption Contest.”

  1. Jo-Ann Says:

    See, all those tables and chairs are really making it hard for people to navigate our sidewalks safely!

  2. Jeff Clemens Says:

    Just verifying ADA accessibility!

  3. Karri Says:

    Mohammad Sami: Gee I wonder if this is payback for when I threatened and tried to coerce that lady for money after pulling out in front of her and forcing her to hit me at Christmas time several years ago? EEKS…..KARMA!

  4. Greg Rice Says:

    “Come to downtown Lake Worth; we have plenty of off-street parking!”

  5. Jason Says:

    This is what happens when the state automatically sends me my license at age 85…

  6. skippy Says:

    Wow, these new decal spots are a long way from the beach.

  7. Kathy Lindermyer Says:

    Would you like fries with that?

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