You Better Be Good. . .

Santa was in Lake Worth this afternoon as the festivities kicked off at Cultural Plaza.  Many children lined up to take a chance in a raffle for 50 free bicycles and of course they lined up to see Santa and Mrs. Claus. They also swung hammers at Santa’s Workshop as well as playing on inflatable slides and bounce houses.

It was a wonderful afternoon and even a little bit of rain didn’t dampen the spirits for the parade this evening.



Hoping her ticket will win one of the bikes.

Santa and the Missus.

Santa’s Workshop.

One of the elves.


Just having fun.

More elves.

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11 Comments on “You Better Be Good. . .”

  1. VanishingInk Says:

    I’m glad some people went and had a good time!
    Everyone I know, friends and neighbors, was disappointed and didn’t go because of the stupid decision to have the parade at night.
    Typical Lake Worth.

    • tomspage Says:

      Vanishing Ink,

      I was in the parade. It was, despite the rain, very well attended. In fact I am sure there were way more people at the parade than voted in the last election 🙂

      It was great and, sure it needs some tweaking to get even better. Perhaps starting at 5:00 and some better illumination.

      But you are correct, it was typical of Lake Worth since it was fun, family oriented and well attended.

      Sorry you and your friends don’t go out after dark, you’re missing a lot. In fact, Christmas tree lightings work best at night! But maybe you’d like that during the day too!

  2. loretta sharpe Says:

    The parade was the best parade we have ever had in Lake Worth.The floats were wonderful, all the cheerleaders and bands from the different schools were terrific. I loved all the kids participating. Jaun and Joe are to be thanked by all of us,How they pulled it off on such short notice is unbelievable.
    Dear VanishingInk, You and your friends really missed out on a great treat.

  3. tomspage Says:

    Vanishing Ink,

    Now that’s funny!

    You say it’s a bad idea to have it at night, but don’t say why.

    You say it’s typical Lake Worth, but don’t say why.

    You don’t offer alternatives.

    You were not there to see how well it was attended.

    And of course you don’t have the courage to use your name.

    You, Vanishing Ink are the Poster Child for baseless in this case.


    • VanishingInk Says:

      You know something Tom? You’re starting to piss me off. You’re not nearly as smart as you think.
      As far as having the “courage” to use my name: you’d have to be an IDIOT to use your real name, which you did and which is why you should not piss anyone off.

      • tomspage Says:

        Vanishing Ink,

        Hey, it’s not a condition that you use your name to post here (unlike some other blogs) and I don’t mind that people don’t. I admit I do have higher regard for those who are willing to put their names on their thoughts. You are not the first person who I have had this discussion with!

        If I have to be careful not to upset anybody with my Blog because I use my real name, well it’s too late. I have upset just about all “groups” here in Lake Worth at one time or another, and I’m not about to stop prodding you to add some substance to your comment and contribute something other than just complaining.

        Come one VI I’ve seen you post before. Tell us why it’s a bad idea to have it at night, why it is typical of Lake Worth to change it to the night and how you would make it better!

  4. Karri Says:


    I think you ARE pretty smart. I also think you present a very funny and unbiased viewpoint of things from all perspectives. And you HAVE called me on it when you have felt I have not accurately relayed a situation.

    I would have loved to have been able to attend the parade. The pictures I have seen look like it was a great time.

    Keep up the good work.

  5. skippy Says:

    I think VI is a hoot!

    • VanishingInk Says:

      Thanks, Skippy. Full control of this blog should be in your hands 🙂

      • Mark A. Parrilla Says:

        VanishingInk your insipid comments and veiled threats are indicative of cowardly behavior. The parade was incredible. During the bike giveaway there were three different children who gave away the bicycle they won to a less fortunate child. Everyone interacted peacefully and had a good time. After the parade I saw residents cleaning up after others and sharing in the season’s spirit of harmony. After reading your posts and realizing your attitude I for one am glad you weren’t there. Your loss. You are something else criticizing something you didn’t even attend.

        Mark Anthony Parrilla

        p.s. oops now you know my name too…should I be scared? lol obviously not!

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