Ding Dong, Part Deux. . .

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7 Comments on “Ding Dong, Part Deux. . .”

  1. Jewlie Says:

    Do you think that Mary’s most recent public failure to bring Cara down will actually cause Mary to put down her megaphone for good? We are all sooooooo tired of Mary Lindsey’s whining and yelling and negative energy. She actually used to be a nice lady, but when she lost the commissioner race to Cara her personality got possesed by the devil it seems. Mary has such deep inner anger over losing that race and losing her run for Mayor as well. She is determined to bring her opponent down, she just won’t let go and recognize that the majority of Lake Worth likes Cara and elected her twice because she is so great. Mary’s battery-operated bullhorn is over the top. Can’t some of her friends get her to a therapist so she stops making such a public fool of herself? It is facsinating and wonderful times in Lake Worth to be sure. It is the changing of the guard from Good ‘Ol Boys (and girls)tryannic reign, to an artistic electic group of free-thinkers arriving to our city in great numbers. The new diversity is magical and full of love and kindness. Mary and company . . .Take your hate to Wellington or Palm Beach or some gated community where you won’t be so tortured as you are here by seeing different ethinic groups mix in harmony, and freedom and expression flourish.

  2. Karri Says:


    I have never heard Mary whine. She is one of the most positive people I know and she works tirelessly championing causes MANY of us believe in. She is a VERY nice lady and I am honored to call her my friend.

    Apparently you think that Mary’s drive is solely prompted by losing the elections. I strongly disagree. She is standing up for what she believes. She is not possessed by anger as a result of not winning the elections.

    She is advocating for positive changes in our city; the elimination of blight, filling up our downtown and Dixie Hwy. corridors with businesses and not having those businesses threatened and intimidated by our commissioners.

    There is no denying Cara has won two elections, but the recent elections this year have proven that the citizens of Lake Worth are waking up to the tactics of Cara, her cronies and cabal. Falsely accusing people of hate crimes and other untruths is not love and kindness. The only type of magic this is – is black magic.

    Our expressions of our opinions is not hate. It is a desire for our town to be a sustainable community with a successful and prosperous financial base and effective management of our city government. That can be achieved by attracting businesses to our town which will lower the residential tax base and increase our budget.

    None of us are opposed to different ethnic groups mixing in harmony. In fact we are all for freedom and the right to express ourselves.

    • Mark A. Parrilla Says:


      I agree with you about Mary’s tireless championing of many causes that MANY of us believe in. I have had the pleasure of sitting with her twice now and I witnessed much of what you detail in your posting. It seems that some would have others believe that standing up for government, law enforcement, blight removal, higher standards of living in the areas most needed and improving our quality of life make us out to be the enemy. We can have a harmonious, eclectic, artist enriched community without targeting the very residents that are keeping this city alive. The hardworking, taxpaying, home-owning, law abiding people of our city. I have also sat in an organizational meeting with nearly a dozen Haitian Pastors, Haitian community leaders and Haitian business owners for nearly two hours where Scott Maxwell was in attendance the whole time. He was very engaging and informative on giving us advice for creating a neighborhood association. I also sat with him for dinner after the meeting and was shocked to learn for myself how untrue the filthy allegations about him were.

      It is a sad day when you need to resort to making allegations and calling out to the masses to rise up in opposition of something that is very scary and a lot of people have lost lives and suffered over. I resent that a very ugly ideology is being used to scare many of our residents into a knee-jerk reaction.

      I will close by including a suggestion to anyone who encounters this behavior. Do your due diligence and care enough about your opinion to RESEARCH reliable sources. Don’t just read excerpts or links emailed to you and take that as fact. Your vote is your power don’t just give it away. I didn’t run for public office so I didn’t loose to anyone nor do I have any political aspirations. I am just a concerned citizen, resident of Lake Worth who cares way to much to just be a silent observer to what is happening in our city.

      Mark A. Parrilla

  3. skippy Says:

    Yes!! Let’s give Mary the Miss Congeniality Award! And a free turkey! All in favor? Perfect!

  4. kalinka Says:

    You have NEVER HEARD MARY WHINE????? OMG Karri, no offense but she can be one of the most vile negative people I have ever seen in action. She was kind of OK when she was running against Cara but something absolutely happened when she lost. IF she has some ideas about positive change for this city she is presenting it in a manner that most unacceptable. She is .. in short a serious sour puss.

  5. Karri Says:


    Thank you for disagreeing with me in a nice way. I appreciate that people have different opinions and have to acknowledge when someone voices theirs in a pleasant tone.

    I will be the first to admit, I am sensitive to the “whining thing”. It makes my skin crawl and I want to put duct tape on the mouth of the offender! I am referring to the high pitched blathering with a poor me attitude.

    That type of whining I have never heard out of Mary. I don’t find Mary negative or vile. I appreciate the dedication she has given to our town’s situations, acknowledge her in depth research and respect her commitment to the welfare of our government.

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