Lake Osborne Reconstruction

December 21, 2009

Lake Worth, FL

The Army Corps of Engineers announced today that they plan to dredge and reconfigure Lake Osborne as part of a federal mandate to return lakes and waterways to their “pre-development” state.

Corps spokesperson Walter Pettibone stated, “Over the years development along the shore of the lake has drastically altered its shape. Reconfiguring Lake Osborne’s shoreline to its original profile will promote better habitat for wildlife by encouraging a more natural circulation of water”.

Using Ground Penetrating Radar the Corps has mapped the lake’s original contours and produced this rendition of what Lake Osborne will look like after the work is completed.

Click Image To Enlarge

After viewing plans for the lake’s new shape Lake Worth Mayor Rene Varela commented, “I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there’s something very familiar about it.

Local resident Lynn Anderson, who lives close to the lake, added, “I like it!

The Corps plans to start work on the project in the spring of 2010 and expects it will take about 10 years to complete.

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8 Comments on “Lake Osborne Reconstruction”

  1. The Dubai 28 Says:

    Swimming in circles in a fishbowl,
    Thanks Rene, kiss my blowhole!

  2. Die Dubai Says:

    Really, “Dubai”….just die, will ya…..

    • tomspage Says:

      I thought about editing this reply as I don’t think that wishing for someone to “die” is really appropriate.

      I will, in the future, delete comments that are overtly threatening. I am asumming that this one was more in the “drop dead” category type of remark.

  3. thomas stockmann Says:

    Ha … but Walter Pettibone ?

  4. The Dubai 28 Says:

    Statistics show that 53% of the dolphins that survive the capturing process will die within the first three months.At least 50% of the dolphins in captivity will die in less than seven years.

    Thanks for the death wish. It is unnecessary. Because we, the Dubai 28, alive or dead, will forever haunt you.

  5. thomas stockmann Says:

    tom, re: your comment @ 7:52,

    I think most of us appreciate the egalitarian manner in which you edit your blog; accepting guest posts -generally no holds barred- and the light hand with which you moderate the comment threads. I also appreciate your desire to keep the comment threads a discussion and the hurling of vile epithets and threats to a minimum.

    However, I wonder if deleting abusive comments is really the answer. It seems to me this actually might enable the more bilious commenters among us; allowing the comment to be made and then deleting it essentially lets the abusers off the hook, and respondent’s comments appear out of context. Perhaps there is a way to flag those who violate the nature of the civic space you’ve created without completely removing the hard evidence of their transgression.

    Might you let the comment stand but highlight it by putting a transparent red box or outline over or around the comment (perhaps easiest would be changing the comment font color to red); or move the comment to a separate ‘island of shunned comments’ elsewhere on the blog leaving behind an internal link as an identifier of its original position? I know … sounds like a lot of work …

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