I have had to reformat my C drive, reinstall a bunch of drivers and software and am now able to once again connect to the internet.  While things are not quite 100% I will start posting soon.  Thank you very much to all the people who sent me e-mails while I was down.  I am just now catching up on reading my mail as well as the local news.

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5 Comments on “Progress?”

  1. Karri Says:

    It will be good to have you back.

  2. Mary Lindsey Says:

    Progress? Gee I hope not. I’ve heard that can lead to becoming a Progressive. Achievement better describes all the re-installing and re-formatting. Ive heard that Achievement leads to Prosperity and that’s what I wish most for you and yours in the New Year Tom.

    Hurry Back. The internet is fun again with you at a keyboard.

  3. Karri Says:

    Well said as always Mary. Best to ALL of you in the upcoming new year.

  4. Greg Rice Says:

    Welcome back to the www.! It’s always great to go to your site Tom and see what’s brewing around in the back of your mind. Good stuff! Glad your back on-line. GR

  5. Mark A. Parrilla Says:


    Careful with your choice of words, admitting to any form of progress can be dangerous in this city…LoL!

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