Tut, Tut a New Business Downtown

There is something remarkable behind the unassuming storefront at 722 Lake Ave..  Located right next to Island Water Sports Shereen and Hesham are putting the finishing touches on King Tut, The Egyptian Museum.  They have decorated the store with some of Shereen’s handmade tapestry and are stocking it with interesting curios from Hesham’s native Egypt.

When asked why they chose Lake Worth to open their store Hesham said that they had tried different cities but felt that Lake Worth has the right type of customer base and in particular Lake Ave. has a lot of potential.  He added that they thought that their store will bring customers “over the bridge” and to the downtown.

While the store is open now they plan grand opening on the 9th of January.

The next time you’re downtown be sure to stop by, browse the store and welcome Hesham and Shereen to Lake Worth.

Hesham and Shereen.

The store with Shereen’s tapestry hanging from the ceiling.

Just one corner of the store.

Hesham has created a little bit of his native country.

Art and fabrics from Egypt.

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8 Comments on “Tut, Tut a New Business Downtown”

  1. Lynn Says:

    Tom, perhaps you should apply for the Chamber of Commerce position. You do more to promote downtown business than anyone else. You will get my vote! What happened to Palis’Pizza?

    • tomspage Says:

      Thanks Lynn!

      I think we should all be boosters of our downtown. Lake Worth is fortunate that it has retained its downtown district. Many other Florida cities have lost their sense of identity and community with their downtown’s losing out to malls and shopping centers.

      The citizens of Lake Worth can do more as individuals when it comes to supporting and promoting our downtown than the Chamber.

      It’s a shame that Pali’s went out of business. I don’t know what happened, but I will miss the place. I hope the last owners try their hand at another business here in town as they are great people!


  2. Kalinka Says:

    OK .. which one was Pali’s Pizza?? The only pizza place I remember is the one across the street from Soma. Was there another one?

  3. NotAPali'sFan Says:

    All of us neighborhood friends agree that Pali’s was easily the worst pizzeria in Lake Worth.

    • tomspage Says:

      I’ve got to disagree with you. I spent many evenings there after meetings at City Hall enjoying their food with many different friends. One of my friends did not like Pali’s when it was run by the previous owners, but ended up going there again after Gus and Amanda took it over.

      My younger daughter especially liked it and we often went there for lunch. Gus and Amanda could not have been nicer to her.

      Running any small business is hard, more so in today’s economic climate.

      So while you and your friends may not have liked it, me and my friends did and feel that it’s too bad that they closed.

      • NotAPali'sFan Says:

        My error – I should have been more specific! What I meant was that Pali’s, while the Pali’s ran it (Maggie & ‘what’s his name’) was subpar.
        We never tried the business once it was taken over by different owners (because of our prior experiences at the location.)
        Sounds like we missed out on a good thing! I thought they were hurting when I saw a sign outside advertising a $7.99
        extra large cheese pizza.
        Am I ever sorry to have missed it.

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