What Light through Yonder Window?

As you can tell from the last few posts this morning was perfect for taking photos around town.  The light was as crisp as the temperature and the details of our city’s architecture were highlighted by the  sunrise.

The Gulfstream

Bank Building on Palmway

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2 Comments on “What Light through Yonder Window?”

  1. pietro Says:

    Your innate sense for photography continues to take great strides forward in execution, Tom. “Pure” photography is always more viscerally engaging when it’s about the light then about the object, when it reveals rather than displays. Exterior photography always benefits from being made at the edges of the day, both of them. And it is there, thematically, that it intersects with photography of actualities: it is about the intersection of, or struggle between, or -put best- the continual transition from light to dark, dark to light …

    • Mark A. Parrilla Says:

      Wow Pietro how eloquently put. I have never heard one of my favorite art forms, photography, described by another one of my admired forms of art…poetry. Bravo Pietro!

      Mark A. Parrilla

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