Unacceptable. . .

Yesterday Wes Blackman posted about issues with the City’s calendar of events posted at their website.  This morning I wanted to send an e-mail to the Commissioners and went to the City website to verify their addresses.  This is what I found:

When I went to the link for the City Commission here is what is posted:

This is completely unacceptable, at the very least the e-mail addresses for the Mayor and Commissioners should have been updated the day the new members were sworn in.  The Commissioners page  should have at least had Mayor Varela and Commissioner Maxwell added, even if their photos were not posted.

Who is responsible for updating the City Website?  It is a vital link to the community and to not have the current contact information for the Mayor and Commissioners is inexcusable!

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3 Comments on “Unacceptable. . .”

  1. Wes Blackman Says:

    What hair I have left is on the floor in a pile next to me.

  2. mr.tibbs Says:

    Interesting catch, Tom. What motive could Mayor Varela and Commissioner Maxwell have for not ensuring that their contact information as elected and sworn officials is readily available to the whole community they serve; and not just to those with whom they are already in contact from their pre-election days as mere candidates?

    Yet, you are right, there is no good reason that Varela/Maxwell weren’t added during the same ftp session that removed Clemens/Lowe.

    On the other hand, given the simplistic format of the email addresses that are published on the city’s website, I’d be willing to bet that the gentlemen’s email addresses are:

    rvarela@lakeworth.org, and

    Finally, an equally good question might be why don’t all members of various boards and commissions have city email addresses which they are required to use for the conduct of their business on behalf of the city to insure complete transparency and accountability under Florida Sunshine Statutes. Similarly, when public record requests are made for email exchanges we should not rely on the users of the accounts to compile the response; a data specialist from the clerk’s office should have access to these public accounts to perform the searches to insure full compliance.

    In fact, since these emails are all public information why not spare the public the burden of making a specific request, and the potential of waiting weeks for an (untimely) response. Why not have a weekly email dump archived on the city’s website and place the burden of winnowing the wheat from the chaff on those seeking the data?

    • Wes Blackman Says:

      Here here!! Great idea – fyi the CRA assigns e-mail addresses just for CRA business. We were encouraged to only use those for CRA related business and no other e-mail account. If we did, we are subject to the same requirements of being a custodian of public records. I love the idea of a publicly accessible cache for e-mails – with a searchable data base function.

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