Stormy Seas. . .

It appears that the Altar of Objectivity might get a little wet tonight.

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4 Comments on “Stormy Seas. . .”

  1. Jack Says:

    Poor relationship btw Title and caption
    You left off the Admiral’s cap
    Admirals don’t pilot
    Didn’t you indicate the ship was sinking? Are you trying to misrepresent your material opinion?

    • tomspage Says:


      Having had 4 years of my education provided in part by the Navy I actually removed the Admiral’s hat from the background art for the reason you mention.

      In this particular instance I think the the material inference is best left to the eye of the beholder.

      I tend to agree about the relation of the caption to the title. I could have done better. . .


  2. Mark A. Parrilla Says:

    Wow…some of the people in this city are a hoot! At least some of you are amusing. I still don’t get why anyone would infer, misrepresent or just down right try to imply that someone can steer me. Only in your unproptioned photo(CHOP) job!

    Mark A. Parrilla

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